KOS Areas
Common Rules
C1. If a rule or action isn't specifically addressed within this MOTD, it is allowed unless it is with a malicious intent (staff discretion).
C2. Staff always have the final ruling on infringements of the rules. If you have an issue with a ruling then make a formal request on our forums and keep the flame out of the game. Visit our forums on our steamgroup
C3. The following are not allowed: C4. No detours and no delays is an implied command.
C5. Prisoners can be forced to compete for last request if there are three or less.
C6. The newest movement order always overrides previous movement orders.
C6 example a. If you tell a prisoner to AFK freeze somewhere, then you tell them to move they must move.

C6 example b. If prisoners are currently following you, and you say AFK freeze, then they must freeze.

C6 example c. If prisoners are currently following you, and you tell them to go somewhere (a location or your waypoint) then they must stop following you and go to that location.

C6 example d. The warden states "moving is kos" then follows to say go somewhere, you should go there. The KOS lift is implied because the newest movement order always overrides older ones.

C6 example e. The warden states "today is a lava day" then follows to say go somewhere, you should not go there. The ground is lava and if you touch the ground you will be KOS!
C8. If it is not a freeday then prisoners are not allowed to do anything unless the warden specifically allows them to.
C8a. Actions that are allowed by default include C9. The people on the prisoner team are referred to as "prisoners" by default. Unless stated otherwise they should not follow any order that calls them anything else.
C10. The people on the guard team are referred to as "guards" by default. Unless stated otherwise they should not follow any order that calls them anything else.
C11. Saying "everyone" refers to guards and prisoner and both teams should comply with the order

C12. Doing any of the following makes a prisoner a rebel automatically:
C13. Camping IS allowed as long as the following are kept in mind:
C14. Wardays: C15. Last Guard: C16. Simon Says C17. How to report rule breakers

Guard Rules
G1. The following are not allowed: G2. Guards may only take guns from the armory at the beginning of the round, taking guns from other places is not allowed.
G2a. Guards may only take guns from other places in an emergency situation (when they have run low on ammo in a fight) Taking guns off the map otherwise is not allowed!
G3. Guards must follow warden's orders as long as they are reasonable and the warden is not corrupt.
G3a. Unreasonable: something like "kill yourself" or anything that forces the guard to break any rule.

Warden Rules
W1. You must have a clear microphone and give clear orders to be a warden.
W1a. Giving orders that are sound-alike is not allowed. Ex: "Termination" instead of "Extermination"
W1b. Consecutive no-microphone freedays will result in a team swap.
W2. Prisoners may ask for a repeat 2 times PER ROUND and you must repeat fully both times.
W2a. After 2 clear repeats, you may refuse repeats and kill prisoners who ask for them.
W2b. After a repeat, you must give ALL prisoners a reasonable amount of time to comply with the order again.
W3. You cannot order an event for LR with more than 3 prisoners.
W3a. Example: There are 10 prisoners, you say first one to jump lives, this is NOT allowed.
W4. Orders must be given by 7:30 or it is a freeday if no orders are attempted.
W4a. Intentionally not giving orders if you are able will result in a guard ban.
W5. Prisoners must be outside of their cells by 6:00 or it is a freeday.
W6. Be specific and preferably mark locations you are referring to with a warden waypoint.
W7. You cannot order anyone to do anything that breaks any rule, or forces prisoners into a KOS area.
W8. Orders that are not allowed include: W8a. Giving these orders is not a "trick" nor "invalid" and should not be followed, and is a slayable/warnable offense.
W9. You must wait 2 rounds after doing the following days before doing them again
W10. Annoying repetitive days are not allowed. If the majority of the players dislike your repetition then you must stop.
W10a. This does not apply to the first order of the round.
W11. You may post your orders into chat to avoid having to repeat. Repeats may be denied if your orders are posted into chat. This also overrides rule W1 as long as more than 50% of prisoners are not complaining.

Last Request Rules
LR1. Last request is the last thing you get to do before you die.
LR2. You can request to play any game or force guards to play games as long as you don't rebel.
LR3. Your last request cannot effect next round
LR4. Games that can be played include LR5. Last request is not optional and cannot be denied unless the prisoner is a rebel.
LR5. Last requests that may be denied include LR6. The warden cannot order the prisoner with last request, infact the prisoner is practically the warden when he has last request.
LR6a. Guards cannot shoot or press buttons unless granted permission by the prisoner with last request.
LR7. All commands issued by the warden are invalid and the prisoner can move freely as if they had a freeday.

Prisoner Rules
P1a. Being in any vent, passage, or KOS area makes you a rebel. (This means using any vent or wall hole/shortcut makes you a rebel!)
P1b. After you leave a KOS area, you are still a rebel.
P2a. Do not type "freekill" or similar into public chat, send it to the admins using @ message.
P2b. No repeatedly accusing someone of freekill if you have no proof for your story. Get screenshots and videos.
P3. Repeats should be issued 2 times per round, you can ask in chat if you could not understand the order. You cannot ask for a repeat with your microphone as microphones might be KOS and it can be unclear.
P3a. Intentionally asking for a repeat to delay time in a malicious sense is not allowed.
P3b. You cannot ask for a repeat if the orders are in chat.
P4. Intentionally stacking with prisoners or putting innocent prisoners between you and a guard while rebelling is not allowed.
P5. Using gunplanted guns is not allowed!

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Useful hotkeys

F1 - Remove existing waypoints.
F2 - Split prisoners into 2 teams as warden.
F3 - Open Sleek Menu UI. (Opt in for warden on settings tab)
F4 - Place blue warden waypoint.
E+F4 - Place red warden waypoint.
Right Click+E - Attach silencer to guns that support it.
E+Q - Open guns menu while in armory

To Change Teams:
Press F3 and go to the team tab, take the quiz to join guards, click the button if you are already a guard to join prisoners