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Topics in Jailbreak - Ban Appeal category

Why was I banned
By: acode7
Feb 03, 2016
could I be unbanned
By: acode7
Jan 31, 2016
why was I banned??
By: acode7
Jan 31, 2016
Unknown Ban
By: ♥Death Hug☣
Jan 28, 2016
can i get a unban?
By: (CJ) the lone swordsman
Jan 10, 2016
Joseph S. Habib is a hilarious, clever bastard
By: And ieie will always luv u KFC
Jan 08, 2016
Got banned for no reason
By: DarkDevil256
Dec 19, 2015
4-Day Ban Appeal
By: †Ω Magic Ω†
Dec 17, 2015
Gagging and Bans
By: Lonk
Dec 15, 2015
Banned for MFK without warning.
By: Joseph S. Habib
Dec 14, 2015
Why was I banned?
By: Don't Do It Dad!
Dec 05, 2015
Cletus' Ban Appeal
By: HG | Firelord12
Nov 29, 2015
Ban from gaurds
By: iamthebeast17
Nov 28, 2015
Why Was Skaterface Banned?
By: Skaterface
Nov 02, 2015
Why was I banned?
By: Loading...
Oct 31, 2015
i got banned for being mean when i shouldnt have
By: desrtoyer5988
Oct 27, 2015
By: B100DTH1R5TY
Oct 11, 2015
guard banned
By: Droid_22
Sep 19, 2015
BloodThirsty Ban Appeal
By: B100DTH1R5TY
Sep 18, 2015
I got banned for a week by doing nothing wrong.
By: EdwardWongHauPepeluTivruskyIV
Sep 18, 2015
Ban on the guard team
By: Secrun9029
Sep 13, 2015
random/unfair ban
By: Joseph S. Habib
Sep 03, 2015
JUST DO IT Guard ban appeal
By: B100DTH1R5TY
Aug 28, 2015
Ban Appeal
By: B100DTH1R5TY
Aug 23, 2015
Delerious Targeting/Abuse
By: Swift125
Aug 22, 2015

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