Welcome to the helpful guide to help you figure out how to use this forum that is way over your head!

1. When creating a new topic, put it in the right category. It's really hard to miss, the big drop down that allows you to choose a category.
2a. To edit or delete your post, simply click your profile picture.
2b. To view more information on a user, simple click their profile picture.
3. Use BB Code, it's really awesome and you look like a retard without it. All the possible BB Codes you can use on these forums are listed below.


[ul] - Starts a list.
[li]ITEM[/li] - lists an item within a list, you must start with [ul] as shown above.
[li]ITEM 2[/li]
[/ul] - Ends a list.

[b]BOLD TEXT[/b]
[size=(|xx-small|x-small|small|medium|large|x-large|xx-large|)]SIZED TEXT[/size]
[color=color]COLORED TEXT[/color]
[center]CENTERED TEXT[/center]
[img]URL TO IMAGE[/img]
[youtube]YOUTUBE VIDEO URL OR ID[/youtube]

[table] - starts a table
[tr]TABLE ROW[/tr]
[td]TABLE DATA[/td]
[/table] - ends a table

You must properly open and close each BB Code tag or it won't work and you will look like an idiot!
Report bugs, we know there are lots of them already.
Recommend your favorite tags so we can add them.