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†Ω Magic Ω†
Joined: Jul 27, 2015
Posted: 01-15-2016 03:14
OK, so here are a few suggestions as to some of the commands that I believe should be added in the staff's (Moderators) arsenal of commands:

1. Unjail- I can't remember how many times an innocent dude has been arrested by a Police Chief and I can't unjail him. Maybe I'm just retarded and don't know how, but I think a command would be helpful.

2. Unban- I guess this could be just for admins as they are the ones who carry it the ban appeals, but in case one of us fucks up and band on accident, I think I'd be safe to have that command in case.

3. Remover- this isn't as much a command as it is a tool unlock. The Remover, right? Us mods can only use that tool on our own props and the props of those who are disconnected. This pretty much puts us at the mercy of propspammers unless we kick them. However i still think we (mods) should be able to delete OTHER people's props.

4. Kicking- I believe that we should add a time limit to the kicks, instead of them just being able to join right back after a kick. Like add an option to add a time duration to the kicks, like in JB.

5. Weapons- I think we should be able to spawn in weapons for ourselves like the admins can. I don't understand why only admins can do this. If someone can explain why, thanks.

6. Money- Jesus Christ, can the mods get like a few million dollars? We're all broke as shit. There should be a command to generate us money. Like !setmoney Magic 4,206,934. (This is half a joke and half serious)

If these suggestions suck more than a swarm of leeches at a gay beach party, tell me. If these things already exist then fml.
Joined: Jun 09, 2015
Posted: 01-15-2016 03:31
6 no 5 no 4 timed kicks are bans and 2 no.
†Ω Magic Ω†
Joined: Jul 27, 2015
Posted: 01-15-2016 04:35
fuk u gimmie owner or I'll ban u from club penguin
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 01-15-2016 10:56
if u do'nt giv meh 10 mil i will steel ur fruit snacks

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