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Dark RP Staff Rules
Joined: Jun 09, 2015
Posted: 01-20-2016 04:26
These are the rules for Dark RP staff follow them and check back to see if there are new ones.

1. Don't randomly pick people up only use it for administrative purposes.

2. When punishing put every rule broken. Example flx3 team kill x2 prop troll X1)

3. Do some research before banning unless you catch them in the act.

4. Only cloak and noclip when your an admin on duty.

5. Don't target other staff. ( You can ban a staff of they are flat out abusing but you need to tell kale or me about it so we can demote them if needed.)

6. Do not disrespect anyone. If someone's being annoying just mute/gag them.

7. Do not ban for over a week unless hacking then you can ban them for a month. Just because you can ban for a week doesn't mean to do it for every ban!

8. Only delete people's props if they are trolling with them.

9. If someone needs you stop what your doing and help. This means drop what your doing and do your job.

10. Don't set yourself to afk if your on the server you are playing.

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