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Murder Rules
Blondie :3
Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Posted: 02-03-2016 05:27
So, these are the rules for our new murder server, I'm taking responsibility into my own hands in making this so if it's not perfect I will fix it up.

1. Do not mic/chat spam, this will result in a gag/mute.

2. No squeakers! If staff presumes you to me a squeaker you will be gagged!

3. Do not freekill! If you freekill you will be slayed and possibly banned if it continues.

4. Do not troll! Trolling will get you kicked/banned from the server.

5. Do not disrespect ANYONE, minor disrespect will be tolerated but anything more WILL NOT be tolerated. This can result in a kick/ban.

6. Do not false KOS! False kosing results in freekill, the person to false kos will be slain.

7. Do not go AFK! If you are found to be afk for any amount of time you will be kicked from the server.

8. DO NOT ARGUE WITH STAFF! We put up with your shit, so you have to put up with ours. Arguing with staff will get you kicked/banned depending on the extent.

9. Report to staff using admin chat "@", with proof if possible, if you report any other way you will be ignored/muted/gagged.

10. If staff seem to be abusive report it to the forums! www.sleekgamers.com

11. Do not cheat! This is obvious but needs to be said. Cheating will result in a BAN.

12. If you are a donator, do not use powers if there is a higher ranking staff member on, they are more capable of dealing with rulebreakers.

13. NO FAVORITISM! If favoritism is suspected then you will be slain!

14. If you leave to avoid punishment you will be banned as a consequence.

15. If you need a staff member online use /g , use the sleek group chat, or message me (blondie) individually.

16. DO NOT ADVERTISE! Staff may tell you to change your name, if you don't do it you will be kicked.

17. Do not beg for points. It's annoying and the more you play the more points you get! Punishment is a mute/gag if it is spam-like.

18. No offensive sprays. If you are told to take down a spray by a staff member take it down or be kicked!

19. If it is clear you have not read the rules you can be punished! Punishment can range from a kick to a ban!

20. Do not spam yell commands! You will be kicked!

21. DO NOT CAMP! You will be slain.

22. Do not kill yourself to avoid being the murderer! If you do this you will be kicked/banned!

23. Do not team with the murderer! You and the murder will be slain!

24. Do not block doors/areas! You will be slain!

25. If someone is following you, you have 3 warnings before you can kill them!

26. Do not kill on suspicion! You will be slain!

27. Do not delay. You will be slain.

28. Do not ghost in any way! You will be muted!

29. Do not ask for staff! Apply on our forums, www.sleekgamers.com

If you are punished enough staff can make the punishments worse than just the ones listed. So if you are punished for doing something DON'T DO IT AGAIN.

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