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Sleek GamersJailbreak - Ban Appeal
Mod Abuse
Psychronical Gamer
Joined: Dec 21, 2015
Posted: 02-14-2016 06:46
Hello SG! I have recently been playing in your JB server with the mods Nico Di Angelo, AttentionGrabber, And Delirious. I feel that they where trolling me and banned me for 1 day due to spam and trolling. WHAT! I do know before I was banned I spammed a tiny bit because I was trying out a new bind but the mod that muted me (AttentionGrabber) went way over and muted me for 1 hour. before this happened he gagged me for no apperent reason (Nico was in favour of this). When he muted me I exclaimed to him that I was going to report him for admin/mod abuse. WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE, AND COMPLETELY OUT OF NOWHERE, Delirious banned me for 1 day. Now how is that trolling and spam? Especially on my part! I hope you will unban me and have a discussion with your mods about their behavior. Thank You!
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 02-14-2016 06:59
[04:37:03] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:03] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:04] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:05] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:06] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:07] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:07] Dropped "firebenderr22" from server<STEAM_0:0:89788068>
[04:37:07] firebenderr22 has left the server. (STEAM_0:0:89788068)
[04:37:07] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:08] Strider: can we not
[04:37:08] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:09] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:10] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:10] Dropped "halomaster2122" from server<STEAM_0:0:99054828>
[04:37:10] halomaster2122 has left the server. (STEAM_0:0:99054828)
[04:37:10] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:11] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:12] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p
[04:37:13] ๖Foxx Kaie⊱: !3p

Yes, I muted you for an hour. But you were the one that spammed the same thing 14 times.

Edit: I rechecked the logs, this is from earlier. Blondie muted him for 5 minutes. When i was on he spammed it around 7 or so times. My point is that you were spamming, so i muted you.

I should also point out that you threatened to report me for abuse even though i muted you for spamming.
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 02-14-2016 07:16
lmao what was that? Abuse you call it? Nahhhh.
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Posted: 02-14-2016 15:06

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