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Sleek GamersDarkRP - Apply
Supp0WND's DARKRP Application (Oh boy!)
Joined: Jul 09, 2015
Posted: 02-23-2016 23:11
General Questions
How many hours do you have logged on the server?: I currently have 12 hours on the server but I plan to continue being extremely active in the days to come.

How many days have you been playing on the server?: I've been playing on the server for three or so days, but I've been with Sleek Gamers for over half a year now.

Have you been banned and/or kicked for any reason? If yes, tell us why.: I have not been kicked or banned, and I don't plan on it for the time I'm with the server.

Do you have experience working as a staff member in any sort of server? If yes, tell us the games you worked on and for how long: Yes I have actually. I've been working on various servers (all of which have died sadly) since I was ten. I first started working as a mod on Minecraft servers and then moved up to Garry's Mod when I was a round twelve. My first few jobs were as a Moderator on DarkRP servers. After around three years or so I moved up to working on Clockwork:HL2RP servers. But this past year I've had troubles finding jobs as moderator, or any sort of staff for that matter (Jailbreak COUGH COUGH)

When will you be able to work on the server? Please convert the time to UTC: I will be able to work on the server from 4:00 AM to 7:00 AM. But that does not mean I'm not willing to work earlier or later if need be.


|Scenario One|You receive a report from a Gun Dealer that he was randomly arrested while running around outside with his toolgun messing around with the text sign for his shop. What do you do?: I would start by making sure that the Gun Dealer was not lying to me by asking if anyone witnessed the arrest. I'd then start to ask the police that arrested him what type of gun he was holding out when they arrested him, and if he was shooting the 'gun'. If they say it was anything other than a pistol and they were shooting it I'd tell the Gun Dealer that the arrest was justified and to have a nice day. But if they said it looked like a pistol and he was NOT shooting it I'd warn the police for an incorrect reason for an arrest.

|Scenario Two| While on-duty you get a report from a citizen that a Hobo is encamped in a building he wants to build in. The citizen also adds that the hobo is refusing to move out of the building. What do you do?: I would start by teleporting over to the hobo and looking at how much he built in. I'd then start to explain to the Hobo that it's against the rules to build inside of buildings as a hobo. If he complains or pitches a fit at me I'd start to explain to him that he can build outside instead. If he refuses to remove his building I'd have to kick him for not following a staff's order.

|Scenario Three| While playing you begin to notice that more and more people with more than 120 health. What do you do?: I'd start by asking the people how they got the health. If they start to tell me that they used dupes to get the health I would ask them to tell me how then ban them for a day. If they tell me they got the health from someone else I'd ask for the person's name. If they don't know the name I'd look at the console to find the person spawning in the dupes then ban that person for a day at the least.

Personal Questions
Why should we consider you for a staff position?: I think you should consider me for staff because I'm more than qualified for the position. I also take leadership classes, like I always used in my Jailbreak applications. Oh, and I'm also extremely determined let's use my three staff applications for Jailbreak as proof of that.

Could you donate to the server?: If I could I would. But I can't.

Do you understand that if you're caught abusing your power your staff position will be revoked?: Yes I do. I will always be responsible for my actions as a staff member.

Is there anything else you want us to know?: Yes, there is. I want to ask that you please think this application over before -1 or +1ing. I don't want to get a -1 for 'being that autistic guy from jailbreak'. I put effort into my applications and I hope that I'm chosen.
Joined: Jun 11, 2015
Posted: 02-24-2016 01:36
Thorough application. Good grammar. Seem mature (I haven't played with you so please excuse my caution).
I'll give a +1
Delicious Trash
Joined: Dec 07, 2015
Posted: 02-24-2016 01:43
You're a good player
Kind of active... I mean you're active, but you could be more active
Knows the rules
Great app

Be a bit more active and maybe it'll be a +1
Joined: Nov 08, 2015
Posted: 02-24-2016 02:35
If I join dark rp for once and find you ill +1
I like the app ;3
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 02-24-2016 04:57
So you excessively apply for jailbreak, and when you knew that wouldn't work, you tried applying from another account. After finally figuring out you weren't wanted as staff you move on to darkrp. You are just overall power hungry. Stop applying and actually play awhile before applying. Don't try and get the bare minimum of hours then apply. You don't even have enough time to apply for darkrp, the total time you must have is 24.

Play for about a month and get a lot more time then maybe people will take your apps seriously and not look like spam.

Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 02-24-2016 05:26
Sorry, but no.

♥Death Hug☣
Joined: Sep 08, 2015
Posted: 02-25-2016 08:42
-whats with people not getting enough time
-need more time
-be on for more than 3-4 days at least a month
-I haven't seen you on
- 1/2 your shit is Scenario Questions
-even then your "Scenario Questions" lack a few important steps
-your time of actually being on is low!
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 04-10-2016 14:38
Spring cleaning.

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