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Suggested/Adapted DarkRP Rules
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 02-26-2016 02:08
So I did this because I feel like the rules are kind of vague and because I've noticed in what area the server needs more enforcement in. So don't shoot down the ideas to terribly, just a missile or two.
Some of these rules are just variations of FAYGO's rules. I have modified some, gotten rid of some, and added others.

These rules apply for the people that fall under each category.

E1. Do not spam in any way. Chat or voice chat. You WILL be gagged or muted without warning.
E2. If you have a problem, type @ to contact staff that are on at the time.
E3. DO NOT impersonate staff and or players (this involves changing your name and saying you're staff). You will be banned IMMEDIATELY!
E4.Listen to what the staff say. If you have a problem with the staff, we have a forum page. Post it on there.
E5. Disrespect is not allowed. If you are disrespectful, you will be kicked or banned (depending on the severity).
E6. DO NOT; Prop kill, prop surf, prop block or no collide. (Have common sense)
E7. AFK's WILL be kicked
E8. Do NOT break NLR (New Life Rule: Once you are killed, you have no recollection of what happened in your past life.)
E9. Freekill, Teamkill and Spawnkill are not allowed. You WILL be stripped of all weapons and or kicked/banned (depending on how much you do it)
E9-a. If a teammate shoots at you, you are allowed to defend yourself.
E9-b. If you are attacked in spawn, you may defend yourself.
E10. Punching someone should be taken with the same caution as shooting at someone.
E11. Mugging is FORBIDDEN. (This is only in effort to lessen the Freekill/RDM count)
E12. Before any sort of event, you must first advert what you are doing. (Ex; I want to raid a house, I would first have to type /advert Raid. After I am done, I would do /advert Raid Over. Things that must be adverted consist of but aren't limited to; Raids, Lockpicking, warns. Ect)
E13. No scamming. If someone pays, you supply.
E14. Please stay within character. This is a RP server, in which you should be roleplaying.
E15. If someone were to be; KOS'd, arrested or punished (not pertaining to staff punishment) and they die, then these actions do not carry over.
E16. Exploiting ANY glitch within the server is means for an immediate ban of 30 days! If there's a bug, report it.

G1. The other gang is KOS to you. The only time you may not shoot is if your gangs Mob Boss relieves all KOS's for the opposing gang or a member of staff does so they can do there job.
G2. You may not base with the rival gang.
G3. If you are being shot at, by anyone, self defense is your main goal. This means you may shoot back at your assailant.
G4. When operating within a gang, you do whatever your Mob Boss tells you to (within reason, that is)

Gun Dealers and Black Market Dealers:
D1. Gun Dealers and Black Market Dealers may NOT self supply. If you do you will be kicked/banned
D2. When supplying for a client, make sure it's not outside. What you do is technically illegal, and cops will arrest you.
D3. Do not ask for a ridiculous amount. If a shipment costs 2500, do not ask for 10,000. This seems very unreasonable.
D4. You must have a confirmed place of buisness (A.K.A a store or a house) to do any sales.

Drug Dealers:
DD1. You sell drugs and or do them.
DD2. You have full authorization to protect your product.
DD2-a. If someone is in your base and you don't want them going in a certain room, you may warn them not to.
DD2-b. If they keep doing it you may KOS them.

Hired Guards.
HG1. You must be hired by somebody (given money) in order to do what they say.
HG1-a. If someone says guard them and doesn't pay, and you kill somebody for them, it will be considered RDM/Freekill.
HG2. Do not randomly strike people with your stun stick
HG3. If you are a guard and are hired, you must negotiate a contract as to the length and the amount you are getting paid.

M1. As a medic, you are allowed to ask for money before you heal someone.
M2. Do not spam heal for free, unless it is yourself. This doesn't mean you cant run up to people and randomly heal them if they're hurt. Just don't sit in someone's base and only heal them. You are the medic, we need you.
M3. Healing a select few is not allowed, unless they pay you to.

C1. You may ONLY raid criminals
C2. RDA (Random Arrest) is not allowed. You will be warned for this.
C3. You CANNOT own money printers. They are illegal.
C4-a. You CANNOT do any drugs. These are illegal as well.
C5. In order to raid a house, you must first get a search warrant.
C6. DO NOT break doors with your battering rams for fun. This can make the server very unentertaining to play on.
C7. If you catch a criminal doing something they shouldn't, your first instinct should be to arrest them, not shoot.

H1. Hobos are the only ones allowed to build on the streets, seeing as they are homeless. However it must be something relevent (for ex; a cardboard box and some trash. NOT a full on hotel.)
H2. If you throw bug bait at someone and they warn you, they may KOS you if you continue.
H3. Do not spawn props in the street to impede others.
H4. You are not allowed to own doors.

B1. If you make a fading door, you must have a keypad or a button. If its just a fading door your props can and will be deleted!
B2. You are allowed ONLY 3 fading door per entryway.
B3. Sidewalks are not KOS (unless specified for reasons such as; Having guns out on sidewalk is KOS or something of the sort.)
B4. If you propblock your entire house, you will be warned. If it doesnt change, you will be kicked.
B5. If you decide to abandon your base, make sure you sell all your doors and delete you props!

Rules for Donaters.
DM1. If there is no staff on, and you witness someone breaking the rules, you are permitted to Vote kick or ban them.
DM1-a. If you Vote ban, make sure it is no longer than 1,440 minutes(a day)
DM2. If you take your donator perks for granted and abuse them in any way, you will be stripped of them.

New Rules will be added as the server progresses so make sure that you check back often to see whats new.

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