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Joined: Jul 27, 2015
Posted: 03-04-2016 21:04
Here are some suggestions I had for DarkRP that I've seen that may make it moar enjoyable.

1. Hitman Assist- Similar to the Radar in TTT, a Hitman would be able to purchase a device, however expensive, to aid him in finding his target. Cause lemme tell ya, there's nothing more painful that having to haul my ass around the map at the speed of a diabetic snail going uphill in slow motion looking for a probably moving target that ends up fucking me in the end.

2. New Message Screen- The loading screen for the server is the same as when it was a Zombie Survival I believe. Perhaps it could be changed to accompany the new updated rules.

3. Food Dealer- It may be a bit difficult, but I think a Chef or Food Dealer would be cool to have. Similar to the Gun Dealer or Medic, the Chef/Food Dealer would sell food (ex. Watermelon, fetus, banana, orange, cactus, etc.) to replenish one's health.

4. Gotta Go Fast- HOLY HELL MY GUY IS SLOW. I feel like a complete idiot chasing someone who goes as slow as me. And getting back to where I was after getting killed by Jake for my weed is a God-awful experience. Maybe the character moving speed could be upped.

5. Money Printer Upgrade- I spend 10k on a printer that is even slower than McDonalds Wi-Fi. Really? It takes at least 20 minutes to even make up HALF of what I spent on any printer and it just ends up getting destroyed by some fuckhole who thinks its funny. Make printers generate like 1000 more dollars per few nugs.

Also, I'm kicking off #PrayForSkittle. This foundation will help Skittle get his computer back from the principle after reading my fanfic.
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 03-05-2016 07:18
1. I actually like this idea.

3. I like this idea too. Medic is the only way to get healed and it's not a very profitable for the medic and is a bit slow. Plus it gives me a reason to name my shop "Phantaminium's Phood! For all your eating needs!"

4. I agree with this as well.

5. The printers were nerfed for a reason.

Joined: Jul 11, 2016
Posted: 09-20-2016 19:06
These are really good ideas hopefully jake likes them


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