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Skittles Darkrp Abuse
Joined: Mar 06, 2016
Posted: 03-06-2016 03:24

Abuser's Name(s): SkittleBarf
Abuser's SteamID(s): 76561198201864607

Your Name: ITzOFFICIAL 1337

Proof:Skittle: !gag Hidden
Skittle gagged You
Hit by Delirious complete!
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: all on video
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: lol
Phantaminium brought Nico
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: rip skittle
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: skittle are u able to be demoted
Delirious: yes
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: then ungag me
Skittle: No hidden
Skittle: Just tell me the song Magic
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: if ur allowed then i am'
Delirious: yes he's lying
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: and no
Skittle: I can be demoted, im not ungagging you though
Skittle: Thats what i meant
Skittle: Deli .-.
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: so beacuase ur able to gag me means u can mic spam and i cant
Skittle: Im a DJ B)
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: go deli
Skittle: And I mean, you're not doing to follow.
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: and?
Nico: deli fuck yourself
Skittle: I did it because it was mine and Gary's idea.
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: ur not a dj there is no dj an idgaf
Nico: RDM
Skittle: I am not a DJ. Im making money as a hobo.
Skittle: So get rekt
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL has been made a Hobo!
(OOC) Gary: can i play my sng
(OOC) Gary: skittle
(OOC) Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: skittles i forgot when u kicked me i was not a hobo so ungag me
(OOC) Gary: sng*
(OOC) Gary: sONG*
(OOC) Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: and also deli isnt a hobo :P
Gary: Can I play?
Nico: deli the songs r good but the remix sucks
Skittle: Just send me le link
Skittle: !gag Deli
Skittle gagged Delirious
Gary: can I play me music?
Gary: plz
Delirious: salty
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: abuse is real
Gary: skittle
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: get em deli
(OOC) Delirious: even though the mic spam is against rules so ye....
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: skittle
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: unmute me
Skittle: !unmute Hidden
Skittle unmuted You
Skittle: B)
Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: ungag me
(OOC) Delirious: attention i need u
Skittle: !ungag Deli
Skittle ungagged Delirious
Skittle: im getting it up
Skittle: People are being autism
Disconnect: Kicked by Skittle(STEAM_0:1:120799439) (Banned for 120 minute(s): autism

What Happened: As I was trying to have fun in the server with everyone else skittles and someone named Gary have decided to micspam and call themselves djs even though its against the rules. I tried to join in and so did Delirious and as soon as we did he had gaged both of us and ungaged delirious then kicked me, I rejoined and then he had banned me for 120 minutes.
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 03-06-2016 03:39
Okay. Well lets see. First off, nice manipulation of the logs. You were banned for Textscreen autism because you were sitting there spamming the text screen of "Ungag me" repeatedly everywhere. Also, yes. Gary and I were doing it. Nobody had a problem since it was requested music. And not many people were on. What you were playing was cancer. And I ungagged Deli because he wasnt bugging me to be ungagged. And it wasnt as soon as you rejoined.

Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: unmute me fag
[20:52:55] (TEAM) Trap Queen: // LOOSER
[20:52:56] Gary<STEAM_0:1:90020891> spawned model models/props_combine/breendesk.mdl
[20:52:57] Client "Nico Di Angelo" connected.
[20:53:01] Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: ungag me
[20:53:02] Client "Not assigned!" connected.
[20:53:05] Skittle: No
[20:53:14] Delirious: // pornstar
[20:53:17] Client "Not assigned!" spawned in server <STEAM_0:1:45966845> (took 15 seconds).
[20:53:23] Client "Nico Di Angelo" spawned in server <STEAM_0:0:70853181> (took 26 seconds).
[20:53:35] Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: LOL
[20:53:36] Phantaminium: // pistols are no more than 250
[20:53:42] Hidden ITzOFFICIAL: ungag me
[20:53:44] Skittle kicked Hidden ITzOFFICIAL (punch whore)
[20:53:44] Skittle: !kick Hidden punch whore
[20:53:44] Dropped "Hidden ITzOFFICIAL" from server<STEAM_0:1:47340141>
[20:53:45] †Ω Magic Ω†: k ill have dat
[20:53:45] Gary: want to hear
[20:53:47] Gary: some songs/
[20:53:48] Gary: /
[20:53:48] Client "ITzOFFICIAL 1337" connected.

Later into the dealings of this autist

[21:03:55] Skittle banned Hidden ITzOFFICIAL for 120 minute(s) (textscreen autism)
[21:03:55] Skittle: !ban Hidden 120 textscreen autism
[21:03:55] Dropped "Hidden ITzOFFICIAL" from server<STEAM_0:1:47340141>

So no. You werent kicked for mic spam. Its because you were being a little bitch about getting gagged and shit. Now stop trying to make me look like the bad guy and dont edit logs
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 03-06-2016 03:39
Where's the video?
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 03-06-2016 08:00
And then he never returned
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 03-06-2016 18:16

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