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Jailbreak Staff Rules
Joined: May 20, 2015
Posted: 06-08-2015 04:29
1. Do not abuse your powers at anytime. (Nocliping,Random Gag Slay etc.)

2. Do not disrespect anyone. Remember that other players can disrespect you or anyone else, don't let them get out of hand though, if it turns into spam you can mute or gag them.

3. Clearly examine the situation before making a choice on who to punish.

4. Do not use your power to your own advantage, you are allowed to give yourself and others weapons within the armory, don't do it very often though.

5. Be sure to skim over the MOTD every once in a while, I change the rules from time to time. You will look like an idiot for punishing someone for a rule that no longer exists.

6. Do not allow your personal feelings toward someone prevent you from helping them. Clearly explain what needs to be done, no matter how stupid you may think it is. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

7. Respect all staff and all players, always obey higher ranked staff members. Do not argue with other staff members.

8. Follow the rules and set an example. Failure to do so will result in prompt demotion.

9. Do not wear tags for other clans or represent other clans, guilds or groups. If you are staff here, you spend your time here, not advertising or showing your representation in another place.

10. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability. We will find more mature staff if you are unable to fulfill this. Do not use bad grammar while posting on the forum or giving reasons in an administrative circumstance; make all reasons very clear, very mature, and very grammatically fit.

11. Wearing our tag is appreciated, but not required. Add [SG] to the beginning of your name if you wish to support us. If you wear a tag, don't wear another tag, wear our tag only. Wearing another clan's tag will result in a demotion.

12. Be active! If you have to go away for some reason, tell us so we can make plans! If you go inactive for an extended period of time without notifying us ahead of time, you might get demoted. You must play for at least 10 hours weekly. AFK Sitting is NOT ALLOWED. If you cannot fulfill your weekly 10 hours, please notify us!

13. No favoritism, discrimination, or sexism. Making decisions based on someone's race, ethnicity, friendship, or sex is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment or 'hitting' on other players online will not be tolerated, this is the internet, do not be immature!

14. Do not target or undo what another staff member does unles you talk to them about it first! Punishing staff is not your place or right, doing it will result in a demotion. Respawning a player that another staff member slayed is unacceptable.

15. Using * is not allowed! Remember who you punished so you can unpunish them, using * only throws everyone off and might undo a punishment that another staff member issued.

16. Using steamids is allowed and is also encouraged to avoid error while administrating. Use the $ operator to target a user by steamid; eg: "ulx slay $STEAM_0:1:53727671 freekill" Would slay Jake for freekill.

17. ALWAYS use chat to issue warnings and communicate with players. Microphones can be unclear and cause confusion or an overwhelming sense to players, as more and more people are using voice chat these days.
FrequencyFreekillSpamming Mic/Chat
1Slay OR warnVerbal warn with chat.
2Slay.Gag/Mute 5 minutes.
3Slay & move to prisoners.Gag/Mute 10 minutes.
4Guardban for 2 hours.Gag/Mute 30 minutes.
5Day GuardbanGag/Mute 1 hour.
6+Week GuardbanGag/Mute 1 day.
Use your best judgement on what punishment to use based on what kind of situation it is. If there are freekillers crazy, just slay all of the freekillers once then move them and ban if necessary. This chart is not a definite requirement, just a strong recommendation.

If the person in question continues to freekill or spam, contact a senior admin about the matter, and we will look into a more effective punishment. Remember that banning someone at all should be very rare, considering the advanced administration system we have installed.

18. Don't have a name with non-standard characters. It's annoying, looks immature and retarded, and makes things look shittier in backend systems.

19. If you applied to get your position, you must re-apply approximately every 3 months.

Dealing with (Suspected) Cheaters
Cheaters can sometimes be very difficult to find, prove, and punish. If you find a cheater that you think has gotten around the anticheat, then you'll need to heavily prove their guilt before you can make a ban on them. Just because the anticheat kicked someone a few times does not mean they are a cheater, the reason the anticheat performs a kick rather than a ban is because the detection might have been faulty. Most of the time when a player is kicked by the anticheat, it means that they were manipulating console variable, lagging, or speed hacking/lagging. A kick is simply a warning, it does not mean that when they rejoin you should ban them. The anticheat will automatically ban players who attempt to hack serverside resources, execute any clientside script that is not authorized by the server, or perform obvious aimbotting.

Players who are clearly speedhacking or aimbotting should be banned for 30 days. Players that you suspect use cheats may be investigated and banned for 30 days with proof and witnesses.

Strike System
We are starting a strike system that uses the principal three strikes and you're out. Pretty much if you break any rules depending on the severity, you may be given a strike. After three strikes, you will be exiled from our staff team.

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