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DR rules
Joined: Oct 02, 2015
Posted: 03-25-2016 22:21
Common Player Rules
1) Don't ghost in any way.

2) Admins have the final say.

3) Don't hack or cheat in anyway.

4) If have you have something to report, use admin chat. ( put @ at the beginning of your sentence )

5) No mic spamming or chat spamming.

6) Only speak English.

7) Don't use threats or cross the limit when disrespecting others.

8) Don't use the vote system when staff is on.

9) Don't abuse the vote system.

10) No unreadable nicknames (must contain 3 or more English characters)

11) No trolling.

12) Don't be AFK for more than a round.

13) Do not leave to avoid punishments or leave to undo a punishment.

14) Do not advertise other servers or links unless it has to do with this community.

15) Don't spam admin chat.

16) Don't impersonate others.

17) Don't ask for staff, apply on the forums instead. (

18) If you need staff on don't complain, use /g to request a staff member.

19) Disrespecting staff will not be tolerated.

20) Squeakers may be gagged if they are a major distraction.

21) No gore or porn sprays.

22) Do not spam admin chat.

23) Runners can't team with the death.

24) Don't delay the game.

25) Don't beg for points, this will be counted as spam and you will be muted without warning.

Death Rules

1) No trap stealing/hoarding

2) Trap spamming is forbidden.

3) For it to be an actual freerun, all deaths need to agree to it before it's a real one. Until then it's false.

4) Don't team with runners.

5) Don't activate any traps on a freerun.

These rules must be followed by everyone who is in the server, this includes players and ranked staff.

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