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Just saying
Joined: May 03, 2016
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:27
Just because someone is staff in other modes and servers does not mean a person is not gonna put alot of time into your server, just saying
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:31
Did you consider it's fucking stupid to want to be mod on more than one server at a time?
Joined: May 03, 2016
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:33
I'd love to hear how its stupid, please inform me
Joined: Jun 18, 2016
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:41
How is being a mod on two servers not allowed? It makes no logical sense :/
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:46
Fine, since you're both morons I'll make a nice bullet list.
By the way, this is in the wrong category. Morons make bad staff and you both are morons.

You can't even argue against me either. Since your application two days ago you've logged 1 hour total on the Jailbreak server, the one you applied (and were denied) to. For someone who wants to be a member of the staff team you don't seem to want it all that much to actually put some hours in.
Joined: May 03, 2016
Posted: 06-18-2016 01:59
ok lets start off with this, staff on multiple servers at a time and putting time in on both does not ruin loyalty, thats one thing i want you to explain, because it sounds like your saying i can only play on one gmod server out of the 100's that are there and i cant become staff on those servers and help people out. Sounds like your kinda being selfish, you want someone all to yourself. You dont want people to play other game modes and have fun on other servers. Hell im on this server multiple times a day, i might not be on for hours at a time like some people or play every 30 minutes, but im on mulitple times. And even though you seem to be getting pissed off and getting hostile, im taking it calm and im not coming back with cussing or name calling. You call me a moron but who is the mature one here? And there are many benefits on being staff on multiple servers, you meet amazing people, you widen your knowledge on many things in gmod and different game modes, you learn how to be mature and handle things in a proper mannar, i know those dont mean much to you but it means alot to other people. Take all of that into consideration
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Posted: 06-18-2016 02:12
>staff on multiple servers at a time and putting time in on both does not ruin loyalty
Even if that was true (which it isn't) it still means we can't rely on you.

>i might not be on for hours at a time like some people or play every 30 minutes, but im on mulitple times.
Who cares if you're on multiple times? Do you think Jake gives a shit if you come on 30 times in a day but only for 2 minutes each session?

> you seem to be getting pissed off and getting hostile, im taking it calm and im not coming back with cussing or name calling
I'm annoyed that you're such a moron.

> Sounds like your kinda being selfish, you want someone all to yourself.
No, I'm being a rational human being.

>You dont want people to play other game modes and have fun on other servers.
I don't give a shit if they play other servers. We just don't want you to be staff there.

>You call me a moron
Because you are

>but who is the mature one here?
That would be me

You haven't made a point yet.
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Posted: 06-18-2016 02:24
How can you not rely on me? Give me a call on steam or Skype and boom I'm there helping out how ever I can.

No I'm not getting on for 2 minutes at a time, but I'm not gonna be on for hours at a time like some people are, most days I'll be on for a couple hours at least

Again with the immature name calling

Rational? So name calling and cussing is rational?

Again being selfish, you want someone all to yourself, once they become staff you don't want them anywhere else

And your last two "points" are again immature on your part

I noticed how you failed to acknowledge the benefits of being staff on multiple servers, you just keep calling me a moron instead of stating facts and actually good points
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Posted: 06-18-2016 02:49
ON APRIL I, 1924, because of the sentence handed
down by the People's Court of Munich, I had to
begin that day, serving my term in the fortress at
Landsberg on the Lech.

Thus, after years of uninterrupted work, I was afforded
for the first time an opportunity to embark on a task
insisted upon by many and felt to be serviceable to the
movement by myself. Therefore, I resolved not only to
set forth, in two volumes, the object of our movement, but
also to draw a picture of its development. From this more
can be learned than from any purely doctrinary treatise.

That also gave me the opportunity to describe my own
development, as far as this is necessary for the understand-
ing of the first as well as the second volume, and which may
serve to destroy the evil legends created about my person
by the Jewish press.

With this work I do not address myself to strangers, but
to those adherents of the movement who belong to it with
their hearts and whose reason now seeks a more intimate
enlightenment. I know that one is able to win people far
more by the spoken than by the written word, and that
every great movement on this globe owes its rise to the
great speakers and not to the great writers.

Nevertheless, the basic elements of a doctrine must be
set down in permanent form in order that it may be repre-
sented in the same way and in unity. In this connection
these two volumes should serve as building stones which I
add to our common work.




FODAY I consider it my good fortune that Fate de-

1 signated Braunau on the Inn as the place of my birth.

For this small town is situated on the border between

those two German States, the reunion of which seems, at

least to us of the younger generation, a task to be furthered

with every means our lives long.

German-Austria must return to the great German mo-
therland, and not because of economic considerations of
any sort. No, no: even if from the economic point of view
this union were unimportant, indeed, if it were harmful, it
ought nevertheless to be brought about. Common blood be-
longs in a common Reich. As long as the German nation is
unable even to band together its own children in one com-
mon State, it has no moral right to think of colonization as
one of its political aims. Only when the boundaries of the
Reich include even the last German, only when it is no
longer possible to assure him of daily bread inside them,
does there arise, out of the distress of the nation, the moral
right to acquire foreign soil and territory. The sword is
then the plow, and from the tears of war there grows the
daily bread for generations to come. Therefore, this little
town on the border appears to me the symbol of a great
task. But in another respect also it looms up as a warning


to our present time. More than a hundred years ago, this
insignificant little place had the privilege of gaining an
immortal place in German history at least by being the
scene of a tragic misfortune that moved the entire nation.
There, during the time of the deepest humiliation of our
fatherland, Johannes Palm, citizen of Nurnberg, a middle-
class bookdealer, die-hard 'nationalist, 1 an enemy of the

The idealism of the Wars of Liberation, waged by Prussia
against Napoleon, is reflected in the career of Johann Phillip
Palm, Nurnberg book-seller, who in 1806 issued a work en-
titled, Deutschland in seiner tiefsten Erniedrigung (Germany in
the Hour of Its Deepest Humiliation). This was a diatribe
against the Corsican. Palm was tried by a military tribunal,
sentenced to death, and shot at Braunau on August 26, 1806.
During the centenary year (1906) a play in honor of Palm was
written by A. Ebenhoch, an Austrian author. It is possible
that Hitler may have seen or read this drama.

Leo Schlageter, a German artillery officer who served after
the World War in the Free Corps with which General von der
Goltz attempted to conserve part of what Germany had gained
by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, was found guilty of sabotage
by a French military tribunal during the Ruhr invasion of
1923. He had blown up a portion of the railway line between
Dusseldorf and Duisburg, and had been caught in the act.
The assertion that he was 'betrayed* to the French is without
historical foundation. It was the policy of the German govern-
ment to discountenance open military measures and to place
its reliance upon so-called 'passive resistance.' Karl Severing,
then Social Democratic Minister of the Interior in Prussia, was
a zealous though cautious patriot whose firm defense of the
democratic institutions of Weimar angered extremists of all
kinds. He was thus a favorite Nazi target. The governments oi
the Reich and of Prussia made every effort to save Schlageter.
The Vatican intervened in his behalf, and it is generally sup-
posed that the French authorities would have commuted the
sentence had it not been for a sudden wave of opposition to


French, was killed for the sake of the Germany he ardently
loved even in the hour of its distress. He had obstinately
refused to denounce his fellow offenders, or rather the chief
offenders. Thus he acted like Leo Schlageter. But like
him, he too was betrayed to France by a representative of
his government. It was a director of the Augsburg police
who earned that shoddy glory, thus setting an example for
the new German authorities of Heir Severing's Reich,
t In this little town on the river Inn, gilded by the light of
German martyrdom, there lived, at the end of the eighties
of the last century, my parents, Bavarian by blood, Aus-
trian by nationality : the father a faithful civil servant, the

Poincar6's policy in the Chamber. That induced the govern-
ment to make a show of firmness. Schlageter, whose last words
are said to have been, 'Germany must live,' was executed on
May 26, 1923. Immediately he became a German national hero.
His example more than anything else hallowed the tradition of
the Free Corps in the popular mind and thus strengthened pro-
militaristic sentiment. One of the first cultural activities of the
Nazi regime was a tribute to Schlageter.

Hitler's family background has been a subject for much re-
search and speculation. The father, Alois Hitler (1837-1903),
was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber; and it is
generally assumed that the father was the man she married
Johann Hiedler. Until he was forty, he bore the name of his
mother, being known as Alois Schicklgruber. Then on January
8, 1877, he legally changed the name to Hitler, which had been
that of his maternal grandmother. His third wife was Klara
Poelzl (1860-1908), who on April 20, 1889, gave birth to Adolf
Hitler. There may have been a brother or half-brother if
reports current in Nazi circles are to be credited. At any rate,
Hitler has a living sister and a half-sister. The first has lived in
retirement, but the second a woman of considerable charm
and ability is known to have exercised no little influence at


mother devoting herself to the cares of the household and
looking after her children with eternally the same loving
kindness. I remember only little of this time, for a few
years later my father had again to leave the little border
town he had learned to like, and go down the Inn to take a
new position at Passau, that is in Germany proper.

But the lot of an Austrian customs official of those days
frequently meant 'moving on.' Just a short time after-
wards my father was transferred to Linz, and finally retired
on a pension there. But this was not to mean * rest' for the
old man. The son of a poor cottager, even in his childhood
he had not been able to stay at home. Not yet thirteen
years old, the little boy he then was bundled up his things
and ran away from his homeland, the Waldviertel. Despite
the dissuasion of 'experienced' inhabitants of the village
he had gone to Vienna to learn a trade there. This was in
the fifties of the last century. A bitter resolve it must have
been to take to the road, into the unknown, with only three
guilders for traveling money. But by the time the thirteen-
year-old lad was seventeen, he had passed his apprentice's
examination, but he had not yet found satisfaction. It was
rather the opposite. The long time of hardship through
which he then passed, of endless poverty and misery,
strengthened his resolve to give up the trade after all in
order to become something 'better.' If once the village
pastor had seemed to the little boy the incarnation of all
obtainable human success, now, in the big city which had
so widened his perspective, the rank of civil servant became
the ideal. With all the tenacity of one who had grown ' old '
through want and sorrow while still half a child, the sev-
enteen-year-old youth clung to his decision . . . and became
a civil servant. The goal was reached, I believe, after nearly
twenty-three years. Now there had been realized the
premise of the vow that the poor boy once had sworn, not
to return to his dear native village before he had become


Now the goal was reached, but nobody in the village
remembered the little boy of long ago, and the village had
become a stranger to him.

When he retired at the age of fifty-six, he was unable to
spend a single day in 'doing nothing.' He bought a farm
near Lambach in Upper Austria which he worked himself,
thus returning, after a long and active life, to the origin of
his ancestors.

It was probably at that time that my first ideals were
formed. A lot of romping around out-of-doors, the long
trip to school, and the companionship with unusually 'ro-
bust 1 boys, which at times caused my mother much grief,
made me anything but a stay-at-home. Though I did not
brood over my future career at that time, I had decidedly
no sympathy for the course my father's life had taken. I
believe that even then my ability for making speeches was
trained by the more or less stirring discussions with my
comrades. I had become a little ringleader and at that
time learned easily and did very well in school, but for the
rest I was rather difficult to handle. Inasmuch as I received
singing lessons in my spare time in the choir of the Lambach
Convent, I repeatedly had an excellent opportunity of intox-
icating myself with the solemn splendor of the magnificent
church festivals. It was perfectly natural that the position
of abbot appeared to me to be the highest ideal obtainable,
just as that of being the village pastor had appealed to my
father. At least at times this was the case. For obvious
reasons my father could not appreciate the talent for ora-
tory of his quarrelsome son in the same measure, nor could
he perceive in it any hope for the future of the lad, and so
he showed no understanding for these youthful ideas.
Sadly he observed this dissension of nature.

Actually, my occasional longing for this profession dis-
appeared very quickly and made way for aspirations more
in keeping with my temperament. Rummaging through


my father's library, I stumbled upon various books on mili-
tary subjects, and among them I found a popular edition
dealing with the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. These
were two volumes of an illustrated journal of the period
which now became my favorite reading matter. Before
long that great heroic campaign had become my greatest
spiritual experience. From then on I raved more and more
about everything connected with war or with militarism.

Since Hitler's outlook and policies are rooted in Austrian ex-
perience (it is sometimes said that he 'made Germany an Aus-
trian's province') some remarks on the general situation in his
home land may be helpful. The Austria-Hungary of the last
three decades of the nineteenth century was only the remnant
of a Habsburg Empire that had once included most of western
Europe. It was a 'dual monarchy,' the crown belonging to the
monarch as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. Since
most of Germany had been welded together (1871) by Bis-
marck in an empire ruled by the Hohenzollern kings of Prussia,
the Germans who remained in Austria-Hungary constituted a
minority, even though most of the important bureaucratic
positions were still in their hands. The position obtained by
Hungary made their lot no easier. For soon every ' nationality '
wished to secure comparable advantages for itself.

The monarchy itself had suffered many a reverse. Under
Frederick the Great and Bismarck, the Prussians had inflicted
several major defeats upon their Austrian rivals. While the
revolutionary liberalism of 1848 was successfully put down at
the cost of severe fighting, the power of the bureaucratic State
was none the less seriously undermined and the eventual
triumph of 'constitutionalism* in 1860-61 was assured. In
addition the unification of Italy was achieved at the cost of
Austrian prestige and possessions. And though the Partition of
Poland had added Galicia to the Habsburg domains, it was
always doubtful who ruled the province the Poles or the
Austrians. Galicia was also the home of large Jewish com-
munities, from which strong contingents moved to Vienna
and other important cities.


But this was to prove of importance to me in another
direction as well. For the first time the question confronted
me I was a bit confused, perhaps if and what differ-
ence there was between those Germans fighting these bat-
tles and the others. Why was it that Austria had not taken
part also in this war, why not my father, and why not all
the others? -<

Are we not the same as all the other Germans?

Do we not all belong together? This problem now began
to whirl through my little head for the first time. After
cautious questioning, I heard with envy the reply that not
every German was fortunate enough to belong to Bis-
marck's Reich.

This I could not understand.

I was to become a student.

From 1880 onward, the problem of * nationalities' dominated
Austrian life. On the one hand, the Hungarians were concerned
lest the Slavic groups Czechs, Croats, Poles, etc. extend
their demand for autonomy to the point where the Empire
would become a * federation' of States, and therefore made
common cause with the Germans on issues affecting the status
quo. But a good many Germans, for their part, felt aggrieved
at having been excluded from the Bismarckian Empire and
saw no future for themselves in a predominantly Slavic State.
On the other hand, the Czechs and kindred 'nationalities' con-
tinued to urge the idea of a federation, and to insist upon the
right to foster their own languages and cultures. The Habs-
burg rulers had no choice save recourse to continual compro-
mise. In the Austrian parliament common national interests,
for example the army, were always being subordinated to hotly
debated matters of domestic 'nationality' policy. Doubtless
there was no way out except the establishment of a federation.
To this idea Franz Ferdinand, the Crown Prince whose murder
at Saravejo was the immediate cause of the World War, seems
to have committed himself.


Because of my entire nature, even more because of my
temperament, my father thought he was right in concluding
that attendance at the humanistic Gymnasium would not
be in keeping with my ability. He thought that the Real-
schule [a German secondary school for modern subjects and
sciences] seemed more suitable. This opinion was strength-
ened by my obvious talent for drawing; this subject, he
thought, had been neglected in the Austrian schools. Per-
haps his own lifetime of hard work was a decisive factor and
made him appreciate humanistic studies to a lesser degree,
for to him they appeared impractical. As a matter of prin-
ciple, he was determined that like himself his son should,
nay must, become an official. It was natural that the bitter
experiences of his own youth made his later achievements
appear so much greater, especially since they were exclu-

Some Germans protested strongly against these tendencies.
Nevertheless, the effort to create a party openly favorable to
the separation of German Austria from the Austro-Hungarian
Empire and its merger in the Bismarckian State was far less
successful than might have been anticipated. The early Na-
tionalists of the iSSo's eventually gave rise to the Grossdeutsch
Partei of Hitler's youth, which was violently critical of the
Habsburgs and of all concessions made to the Slavs during the
years 1879-1900. Perhaps it would have gained more ground
if Bismarck had been vitally interested in the problem. But in
addition to the dynastic question of the status of the Habsburgs,
he had after 1871 to avoid giving the impression that Prussia
was an expansion-hungry State. He also realized that the
Vienna monarchy was a source of unity in the chaotic south-
east of Europe, in the affairs of which he did not wish to involve
Germany. Accordingly, the Grossdeutsch people got little
sympathy from him. When he was dismissed from his post by
Emperor Wilhelm II, the sole group remaining in Germany
that could have given much support to the separationist move-
ment in German Austria was the AUdeutscher Verband (Pan-


sively the result of his own industry and energy. It was the
pride of the self-made man which moved him to endeavor
to bring his son to a similar position in life, if not a better
one, and all the more since he hoped to make things easier
for the child through his own industry.

It was unthinkable that that which had become the con-
tent of his whole life could be rejected. Thus the father's
decision was matter-of-fact, simple, exact, and clear, quite
comprehensibly in his own eyes. His domineering nature,
the result of a lifelong struggle for existence, would have
thought it unbearable to leave the ultimate decision to a
boy who, in his opinion, was inexperienced and irrespon-
sible. What is more, this would have been inconsistent with
his idea of duty, a wicked and reprehensible weakness in
exercising his paternal authority as he saw it in his respon-
sibility for the future of his son.

German League), an organization of chauvinists and expan-
sionists. They, however, looked upon Austria-Hungary as a
powerful ally and as a diving-board for the plunge eastward
which they looked upon as the German destiny.

In Austria itself the Grossdeutsch elements adopted a policy
calculated to insure failure. They sponsored a little Kultur-
kampf (religious war) of their own, attacking the clergy and
the Church; they disassociated themselves from all social re-
form and all concessions to other groups; and they were given
to rabid attacks on the monarchy. As a consequence, the Ger-
man group was more seriously divided than ever. These mis-
takes all made, as is evident from the text of Mein Kampf , a
deep and lasting impression upon Hitler. Just as he was dis-
gusted with the wrangling about 'nationality' problems that
characterized the Austrian parliament, so was he conscious of
the mistakes which the pro- Prussia leaders had made. He
never disassociated himself from the principles adopted by
those leaders, but he learned to look askance at their methods.

The extent of Austrian yearning for incorporation in the


And yet the course of events was to take a different turn.

For the first time in my life, I was barely eleven, I was
forced into opposition. No matter how firm and deter-
mined my father might be in carrying out his plans and
intentions once made, his son was just as stubborn and
obstinate in rejecting an idea which had little or no appeal
for him.

I did not want to become an official.

Neither persuasion nor ' sincere ' arguments were able to
break down this resistance. I did not want to become an
official, no, and again no! All attempts to arouse my inter-
est or my liking for such a career by stories of my father's
life had the opposite effect. The thought of being a slave
in an office made me ill ; not to be master of my own time,
but to force an entire lifetime into the filling-in of forms,
t What ideas this must have awakened in a boy who was
anything but ' good ' in the ordinary sense of the word ! The
ridiculously easy learning at school left me so much spare

German Empire or, after 1918, the German Republic, is a moot
question. Prior to the War, anti-Prussian sentiment was
probably just as vigorous among the people generally as pro-
Habsburg sentiment. After the defeat there was a general
feeling that the little independent State of Austria could not
survive. Even so it is very doubtful whether the demand for
Anschluss was as 'elemental 1 as Hitler says it was. Some
Austrians notably Professor Ludo Hartmann sponsored
it with vigor and eloquence. A few unofficial plebiscites were
held in Salzburg and elsewhere and seemed to show that senti-
ment was overwhelmingly in favor of Anschluss; but individu-
ally and collectively they have little value as evidence. Other
sources of information (e.g., records of party deliberations) give
a different impression. Undoubtedly the desire for union grew
during the following years, but it is none the less doubtful
whether an honest plebiscite in 1938 would have favored ab-
sorption of Austria into the Third Reich.


time that the sun saw more of me than the four walls of my
room. When today my political opponents examine my life
down to the time of my childhood with loving attention, so
that at last they can point with relief to the intolerable
pranks this 'Hitler 1 carried out even in his youth, I thank
Heaven for now giving me a share of the memories of those
happy days. Woods and meadows were the battlefield
where the ever-present 'conflicts' were fought out.

My attendance at the Realschule, which now followed,
did little to deter me.

But now it was a different conflict that had to be fought.

This was bearable as long as my father's intention to
make an official of me was confronted by nothing more than
my dislike of the profession on general principles. I could
restrain my private views and, after all, it was not always
necessary for me to contradict. My own firm intention not
to become an official was sufficient to set my mind at rest.
This decision, however, was irrevocable. The question be-
came more difficult as soon as my father's plan was met by
one of my own. This took place when I was twelve years
old. I do not know how it happened, but one day it was
clear to me that I would become a painter, an artist. My
talent for drawing was obvious and it was one of the reasons
why my father had sent me to the Realschule, but he never
would have thought of having me trained for such a career.
On the contrary. When, after a renewed rejection of my
father's favorite idea, I was asked for the first time what I
intended to be after all, I unexpectedly burst forth with the
resolve I had irrevocably made; in the meantime my father
at first was speechless.

'A painter? An artist?'

He doubted my sanity, he did not trust his own ears or
thought that he had misunderstood. But when it had been
explained to him and when he had sensed the sincerity of
my intentions, he opposed me with the resoluteness of his


entire nature. His decision was quite simple, and any con-
sideration of those actual talents that I might have pos-
sessed was out of the question.

'An artist, no, never as long as I live/ But as his son had
undoubtedly inherited, amongst other qualities, a stubborn-
ness similar to his own, he received a similar reply. Only
its meaning was quite different.

So the situation remained on both sides. My father did not
give up his 'never* and I strengthened my 'nevertheless/

Obviously the consequences were not very enjoyable.
The old man became embittered, and, much as I loved him,
the same was true of myself. My father forbade me to
entertain any hope of ever becoming a painter. I went one
step farther by declaring that under these circumstances
I no longer wished to study. Naturally, as the result of such
'declarations' I got the 'worst of it,' and now the old man
relentlessly began to enforce his authority. I remained
silent and turned my threats into action. I was certain
that, as soon as my father saw my lack of progress in
school, come what may he would let me seek the happiness
of which I was dreaming.

I do not know if this reasoning was sound. One thing
was certain : my apparent failure in school. I learned what
I liked, but above all I learned what in my opinion might
be necessary to me in my future career as a painter. In this
connection I sabotaged all that which seemed unimportant
or that which no longer attracted me. At that time my
marks were always extreme depending upon the subject and
my evaluation of it. ' Praiseworthy ' and ' Excellent ' ranked
with 'Sufficient' and ' Insufficient. 1 My best efforts were in
geography and perhaps even more so in history. These
were my two favorite subjects and in them I led my class.-*

Now, after so many years, when I examine the results of
that period, I find two outstanding facts of particular im-


First, / became a nationalist.

Second, / learned lo grasp and to understand the meaning
of history.

Old Austria was a 'State of nationalities. 9
t A citizen of the German Empire, at that time at least,
could hardly understand the bearing of this fact upon the
daily life of the individual in such a State. After the amaz-
ingly victorious campaign of the heroic German armies
during the Franco- Prussian War, one had become more and
more estranged from the Germans abroad, partly because
one no longer knew how to appreciate them or perhaps
because one was unable to do so. As far as the Austro
German was concerned, it was easy to confuse the decadent
dynasty with a people who were sound at heart.

It was hard to understand that, were the German in
Austria not actually of the best stock, he never would have
been able to impress his mark upon a State of fifty-two mil-
lion people in such a manner as to create even in Germany
the erroneous impression that Austria was a German State.
This was nonsensical, with the gravest of consequences, but
brilliant testimony for the ten million Germans in the Ost-
mark. Only a very few Germans in the empire had any
idea of the continuous and inexorable struggle waged for
the German language, the German schools, and the German
mode of existence. Only today, when this misery has been
forced upon millions of our people outside of the Reich
proper, who, under foreign domination, dream of a common
fatherland and in their longing for it strive to preserve their
most sacred claim their mother tongue only today
wider circles understand what it means to fight for one's
nationality. It is now perhaps that the one or the other will
be able to realize the greatness of the Germans abroad in
the old East of the Reich who at first, dependent upon them-
selves, for centuries protected the Reich in the East, and
at last guarded the German language frontier in a war of


attrition at a time when the Reich was greatly interested in
colonies but not in its own flesh and blood outside its very

As everywhere and always, as in every struggle, there
were also in the language struggle of the old Austria three

The fighters, the lukewarm, and the traitors.

Even in school this segregation was apparent. It is sig-
nificant for the language struggle on the whole that its ways
engulf the school, the seed bed of the coming generation.
The child is the objective of the struggle and the very first
appeal is addressed to it:

'German boy, do not forget that you are a German.'

'German maid, remember that you are to be a German
mother/ +

Those who know the soul of youth will understand that
it is youth which lends its ears to such a battle-cry with the
greatest joy. In hundreds of forms, in its own way and
with its own weapons, it carried on the battle. It refuses to
sing non-German songs; the more one tries to estrange it
from German heroic grandeur, the more enthusiastic it
waxes; it stints itself to collect pennies for the fund of the
grown-ups; it has an unusually fine ear for all that the non-
German teacher says to it; it is rebellious; it wears the for-
bidden emblem of its own nationality and rejoices in being
punished or even in being beaten for wearing that emblem.
On a smaller scale youth is a true reflection of its elders, but
more often with a deeper and a more honest conviction.

At a comparatively early age I, too, was given the oppor-
tunity to participate in the national struggle of old Austria.
Money was collected for the Sildmark and the school club;
our conviction was demonstrated by the wearing of corn-
flowers and the colors black, red, and gold; the greeting was
1 Heil ' ; ' Deutschland iiber alles f was preferred to the imperial
anthem, despite warnings and punishments. In this man-


ner the boy was trained politically at an age when a member
of a so-called national State knows little more of his nation-
ality than its language. It is obvious that already then I
did not belong to the lukewarm. In a short time I had be-
come a fanatical 'German nationalist/ a term which is not
identical with our same party name of today.

My development was quite rapid, so that at the age of
fifteen I already understood the difference between dynastic
'patriotism* and popular 'nationalism'; at that time the
latter alone existed for me.

Those who have never taken the trouble to study closely
the internal situation of the Habsburg monarchy may not
be able to understand the full meaning of these events. In
this State the origin for this development was to be found
in the lessons in world history taught in the schools, since
there is practically no specific Austrian history as such.

The conservative cabinet headed (1879-1893) by Taafe at-
tempted to solve the problems of the Empire by winning the
support of the Slavic groups. In 1895-1897 Count Casimir
Badeni sponsored legislation favoring the Czechs in linguistic
and cultural matters; and violent opposition to these measures
was aroused among the nationalistic Germans. The Deuischer
Schulverein (German School Society), an organization founded
in 1880 to promote German schools in foreign countries, was a
center of resistance particularly in Carinthia, where the Slavs
were looked upon as especially menacing. The corn-flower was
a patriotic symbol in Wilhelmian days. Deutschland, DeiUsth-
land uber alles, a lyric written by Fallersleben in 1841, was
sung by the nationalistic groups in Austria to the tune written
by Hayden for the Imperial hymn. Singing it was, therefore,
an insult to the Habsburgs. The 'HeiF an old German form
of greeting was used by Austrian nationalists instead of tfie
native forms (e.g., Griiss Gotf), and had an anti-Semitic under-
tone. It required little manipulation to transform all these
things into the Nazi practices now current.


The fate of this State is so closely bound up with the life
and growth of the entire German nationality that it is
unthinkable to separate its history into German and
Austrian. As a matter of fact when Germany began to
split into two supreme powers, this very separation became
German history.

The imperial crown jewels kept in Vienna, reminders of
the old realm splendor, still seem to exercise a magic spell,
a pledge of eternal communion.

The German-Austrian's elementary outcry for a reunion
with the German motherland during the days of the break-
down of the Habsburg State was merely the result of a
feeling of nostalgia slumbering deep in the hearts of the
entire nation for a return to the paternal home which had
never been forgotten. This would be inexplicable had not
the political education of each individual German-Austrian
been the origin of that common longing. In it there lies a
longing which contains a well that never dries, especially
in time of forgetfulness and of temporary well-being it
will again and again forecast the future in recalling the

Even today, courses in world history in the so-called
secondary schools are still badly neglected. Few teachers
realize that the aim of history lessons should not consist in
the memorizing and rattling forth of historical facts and
data; that it does not matter whether a boy knows when
this or that battle was fought, when a certain military
leader was born, or when some monarch (in most cases a
very mediocre one) was crowned with the crown of his an-
cestors. Good God, these things do not matter.

To 'learn' history means to search for and to find the
forces which cause those effects which we later face as
historical events.

Here, too, the art of reading, like that of learning, is to
remember the important, to forget the unimportant.


It was perhaps decisive for my entire future life that I
was fortunate enough to have a history teacher who was
one of the few who understood how essential it was to make
this the dominating factor in his lessons and examinations.
At the Realschule in Linz my teacher was Professor Doctor
Ludwig Poetsch, who personified this requisite in an ideal
way. The old gentleman, whose manner was as kind as
it was firm, not only knew how to keep us spellbound, but
actually carried us away with the splendor of his eloquence.
I am still slightly moved when I remember the gray-haired
man whose fiery descriptions made us forget the present
and who evoked plain historical facts out of the fog of the
centuries and turned them into living reality. Often we
would sit there enraptured in enthusiasm and there were
even times when we were on the verge of tears.

Our happiness was the greater inasmuch as this teacher
not only knew how to throw light on the past by utilizing
the present, but also how to draw conclusions from the past
and applying them to the present. More than anyone else
he showed understanding for all the daily problems which
held us breathless at the time. He used our youthful na-

The educational ideas here expressed are in part the common
property of all who have gone to school and in part the legacy
of Turnvater Jahn, the founder of the Turnvereine, or gymnas-
tic societies, whose Deutsches Volkstum (German Folkishness)
appeared in 1810, and whose part in rallying Prussian youth
against Napoleon was a most estimable one. When Hitler
speaks of the girl who ought to remember that her duty is to
become a German mother, or of history as the science which
demonstrates that one's own people is always right, he is
echoing Jahn in the first instance. The best discussion in Eng-
lish of this interesting pedagogue is still an essay which appeared
in the London Magazine during 1820, when these new Prussian
ideas of education seemed important but strange to English-


tional fanaticism as a means of education by repeatedly
appealing to our sense of national honor, and through this
alone he was able to manage us rascals more easily than
would have been possible by any other means.

He was the teacher who made history my favorite sub-

Nevertheless, although it was entirely unintentional on
his part, I already then became a young revolutionary.

Who could possibly study German history with such a
teacher and not become an enemy of the State which,
through its ruling dynasty, so disastrously influenced the
state of the nation?

And who could keep faith with an imperial dynasty which
betrayed the cause of the German people for its own ig-
nominious ends, a betrayal that occurred again and again
in the past and in the present?

Boys though we were, did we not already realize that this
Austrian State did not and could not harbor love for us

Our historical knowledge of the influence of the House
of Habsburg was supported by daily experiences. In the
North and the South the poison of foreign nationalities

This is probably one of the most revealing passages in the
book. Hitler has consistently considered himself a 'Revolu-
tionary,' but has added little to the interpretation of the term
given here. The longing to change the structure of society de-
veloped, in his case, not out of the consciousness of real or fan-
cied social and economic injustices, but out of the feeling that
the Ruling House did not adequately support the demands of
the German groups. After the War he took an identical point
of view in Germany itself, laying siege to the Weimar Republic
because its policy of international conciliation seemed to him a
duplicate of the policy of making concessions to Slavic groups
which Habsburg governments had sponsored. Cf . Adolf Hitter,
by Theodor Heuss (1932).


eroded the body of our own nationality, and it was apparent
how even Vienna became less and less a German city. The
Royal House became Czech wherever possible, and it must
have been the hand of the goddess of eternal justice and
inexorable retribution which caused Archduke Franz
Ferdinand, the most deadly enemy of Austrian-Germanism,
to fall by the very bullets he himself had helped to mold.
For was he not the patron of Austria's Slavization from
above !

The burdens which the German people had to bear were
enormous, its sacrifices in taxes and blood unheard of, and
yet, everyone who had eyes to see realized that all this
would IDC in vain. What grieved us most was the fact that
the whole system was morally protected by the alliance with
Germany, and thus Germany herself, in a fashion, sanc-
tioned the slow extermination of the German nationality
in the old monarchy. The hypocrisy of the Habsburgs, who
knew well how to create the impression abroad that Austria
was still a German State, fanned the hatred against this
house into flaming indignation and contempt.

It was only in the Reich itself that the 'chosen ones' saw
nothing of all this. As if stricken with blindness, they
walked by the side of the corpse, and in the indications of
decomposition they thought they detected signs of 'new'

The tragic alliance between the young Reich and the old
Austrian sham State was the source of the ensuing World
War and of the general collapse as well.

In case you didn't notice, I'm done with this idiotic argument.

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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:02
Did you have fun coping and pasting all of that because you have no actual facts or good points, I hope you did
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Did you have fun responding to a comment that doesn't exist?
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Ah you removed it haha, I hope your having fun.
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:21
removed what?
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:29
Stop being immature and give me some actual good facts about why someone who is staff on another server can't be staff on sleek
Delicious Trash
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:33
Omg the autism

Well think about this
The owners of the two communities you staff on hate eachother. So this autist named Jack the Mexican is like "Do me a favor and abuse your power on the other server and ban everybody if you don't I'll demote you"
Tf you gonna do?
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I know right? This guy has been arguing with himself.
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Then I guess I'll get demoted, but I know my other server owners won't do that and I'm pretty sure jack isn't like that
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:39
Oh great delicious is here, do you have any actual GOOD facts on why someone can't be staff on multiple servers
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Wait you're staff on another server and the owner's name is Jack wtf
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:40
No I'm saying Jack here
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:41
Anyways at the end if I was told that, I'd get demoted because I'm not doing anything like that
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:42
Oh my fucking god he's calling him Jack
Delicious Trash
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Oh my fucking god you autist
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Btw I like how you removed all of your comments "AttentionGrabber"
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I'm pretty sure autists like you can't comprehend the easiest shit thrown at you
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Give me some good facts then, because attention grabber can't
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:45
omg you're delusional? When the hell did attention grabber say anything to you he never removed shit. :3
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Haha I'm waiting delicious, let's see how smart you are, because attention grabber tried and after I hit attention grabber with actual facts and good points he got upset
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:48
I'll tell you good facts when you tell me if the name of this community is sleek gaming and if Jack is doing a good job
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:50
The name of the community is Sleek Gaming and Jack is doing a great job, has multiple servers, MOST of his staff are good and know what they are doing, but then there are you two, and idk why but he has two people who aren't good at much
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:53
Because it's in the fucking apply rules, which you fucking autists never read. Don't like it then fucking leave and quit being a little bitch, no one cares for your damn opinion.
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Oh my fucking god he called the community Sleek Gaming and owner Jack
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Sorry I realize my mistake, it's jake not jack, my apologies
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and sleek gamers* again my apologies
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Omg you can read
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This is simply an elaborate ruse.
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This guy is the amalgamate of all the autists who apply
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Posted: 06-18-2016 03:58
What is Sleek Gaming
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Because I have facts Attention Grabber? Because I'm more mature than you?
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This dude is butt hurt lmao
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I'm stating actual facts like you two can't, so until you can give me actual facts and good points in a mature manner, good luck
Delicious Trash
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Why the fuck do I need to give you my Mario kart points?

Also here are a few facts

George Washington was America's first president
Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day
Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States

Happy now?
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:06
So I'm guessing you can't give me facts and good points on why someone can't be staff on multiple servers
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:08
Here's a fact for you.

You're a moron.

We don't want morons as staff.

Go away.

ban him pls
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:09
Haha it's so funny how you two get so upset because you can't give me some facts
Delicious Trash
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Why the fuck do you want my fucking Mario Kart Points?

1. Time requirements
If you're staff on multiple servers then how the hell would you be able to reach their time requirements. This all depends on the required time.

2. Favoritism
If the owner from the other community were to come onto this server and started breaking rules would you punish them the right way? Like what if they were to threaten to demote you you'd probably be like "go ahead do whatever the fuck you want" but this depends on the person.

3. Rules and shit
There is a possibility of you getting rules and sorts mixed up. Since you were to be working for multiple servers what if you were to punish somebody on here for like mass rdm or some shit that doesn't exist on here by on other servers you staff on.

4. Opinion
It was the owner's opinion to make this a rule and I'm pretty sure there is a possibility that other communities have this rule too. So you just gotta respect that :/
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ImThatGuy I love how you call yourself mature but you're not even close to mature
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:14
1. Time is understandable but can be worked on
2. Idc who you are, if you break a rule then you break a rule and will be punished without any holding back
3. Not likely since rules differ greatly between servers and I know how each work quite well

I thank you for finally trying
Delicious Trash
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:16
Well it was pretty hard to write something you can comprehend
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:19
I can comprehend that, but it's funny how I had to go through all of this just to get a small response like that, and I'm sorry I missed a point

4. I understand that they made this rule, I'm not being disrespectful but this is the first server that I have seen with this rule and I was just asking why it was a rule
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:21
Can someone lock this topic? I'm getting sick of this autists ignorance.
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:39

Aha you bullshitter

The rule isn't changing so boo fuckin hoo

Lock this damn topic so he shuts up
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:47
Yes, unlike you three, I have been mature thought this matter, no name calling or being disrespectful unlike you three, and I wasn't asking for the rule to be removed I was just asking about it
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Posted: 06-18-2016 04:59
Cry about it pussy oh wait you are.... Leave
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Posted: 06-18-2016 05:00
Oh look another immature member
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No I left like three months ago and I just shit post here but when I see a retard I like to tell them how it is. Now your making a huge deal about this when the owner really doesn't give two shits about you or your opinion and no matter what you say or do it will not change and I'm saying what Jake will say to you if you don't like it leave.
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Ok let me repeat this again just for you, I never asked for it to be changed, I never said I wanted it removed, I just questioned it is all, and your little friends don't understand that and made the big deal out of it
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Posted: 06-18-2016 05:17
and what I'm saying is if you don't like the rule which you obviously don't leave don't if you don't want it changed or removed why make a post also they are not my friends
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Posted: 06-18-2016 05:18
I was just asking why it was a rule because this is the first server I have seen with this rule and I wondered why, and those 3 decided to blow it out of proportion
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Posted: 06-18-2016 05:31
Someone really needs to lock or delete this topic. It's useless.

Like this guy ooooooooooooooooooh
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Posted: 06-18-2016 05:34
This is what I'm talking about faygo
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But you continue to reply to them because you know they're getting to you because you're just that big of a child
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Posted: 06-18-2016 06:24
Hey delirious I was talking to someone more mature, could you not put your self in the middle
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Posted: 06-18-2016 06:46
Well, well well. It seems as though you have once again, despite your best efforts, become a pawn in one of my rather elaborate ruses, and it seems as though the end result of said ruse has left your state being of a lesser quality than before you had dealt the card hidden up my sleeve while being none the wiser.

And yes, while it is true that you will eventually recover from this recent turn of events, it remains unclear whether your social status on this website will remain at its current level, or if it will take a turn for the worse. After all is said is done, at the end of the day, you will have to accept the fact that you just got the short end of the deal.

I hold no remorse or regret for I am and always shall be a master ruseman
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GTFO magic

We do not serve your kind here
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There we go, I finally managed to log on to the forums.

So this went from rant question to an arguement with no result coming out of it. Sick.
Also, TTT Suggestions is a odd place to put it.
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Posted: 06-18-2016 16:16
you should totally forum ban this guy.
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Posted: 06-19-2016 02:00
He hasn't said one of his terrible comebacks to make him look mature, maybe he already is
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Posted: 06-19-2016 17:57
God damnit I missed the autism, is there still a bit left?
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Lets talk shit about him and see if he rages.

This guy is a huge, quivering pussy.
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Posted: 06-19-2016 18:48
Why apply for mod if you immediately talk shit about every admin mod and staff member who insults you, I'm not even staff and people shit talk me for abuse and I'm not even doing much, how can you expect to be a good staff member if you can't take people talking shit to you?
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Posted: 06-19-2016 19:12
Tru Tru

What an autist

He wonders why you can't be staff on other servers, because it's in the rules, tough shit if you don't like it
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Posted: 06-19-2016 19:21
I can kind of understand though, sleek is more organized and professional that most other servers, we've been open a long time, and our staff are worked pretty hard, other servers staff come and go as they please, but we need DEDICATED staff, sure you can be mod on 10000 servers that don't need or want staff that never have any players, but even though we mock the server it still is better than others, why do you feel the need to express active involvement with other servers?
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Damn big argument. Hope its been settled cause ImThatGuy sounds like a total loss cause and I haven't even met the guy before. Based off of first impressions I can tell that he has no idea what he's talking about and all of this is just coming straight out of his ass. The more you respond the more immature you sound, and if you read the staff rules you will see that if you can't tolerate that you will get demoted. Now lets not be mean to him but he's probably pretty butthurt from all this and we should leave him be because he can't and won't do shit to the community. All of this is just from being very hurtful, and we should also stop replying to him because it makes our community seem weaker, like we're letting idiots like him get to us. Best option is to ignore him and just hope the topic gets locked because at the end of the day he won't feel anything but stupidity and immaturity.

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