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Certain rule paradoxes
[E$kimo] Dildodickgollum
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Posted: 07-22-2016 23:31
Things that should be added/fixed in the motd_____________________________________________
(sorry guys, I just have to get this off my
chest all at once, so i hope this
isnt too autistic. This will probably be the
last one that i post like this, and this is
purely for changing the motd purposes, not
"because i didnt read the motd" purposes.
These are problems that have knowingly
affected other people and that I have
seen discussion about on in the server.)

*Gameday rules*
There should be a section of the motd that specifies all of the gameday rules. Ive seen a lot of argument over
what the rules actually are for even the simplest games. The section should say that "If your game is not on this
list, the rules must be clearly explained to the prisoners"
Also, "crouch if you do not know how to play this" does not fix this problem, as wardens will not explain in detail everything i include down here,
such as the rules that the guards need to follow for certain games.

---- Solution/ What I think good gameday rules are

Simon Says: *The rules about what to say as Simon when starting the game (im not going to type it out)*
*When the warden starts Simon says, all commands given before the game are void until the game is over*
*When Simon says starts, there is an automatic command to afk freeze until simon orders are given
(this keeps prisoners from moving because of the previous rule, as they can simply run away if commands are void)*
* If an order starts with "Simon Says", it is to be followed. If an order does not start with "Simon Says", it is
Kos to follow it.*
*The Rules about what to say as Simon when ending the game (not gonna type it out)*

Warday: (Theres a big hole in the rules of warday). There are two things ive heard from different mods
about being in the warday location. Some mods say that guards do not have to be in the warday location, as long as they dont
kill any prisoners outside of it. Well, I thought this was okay at first, but then theres a problem: Guards that do this are already
expanded, and have an advantage over prisoners and can kill them after 6:30 without having to get out.
Now the other mods say that guards DO have to be in the warday location, but do not give a timeframe as to when they need to
be there (they just assume its no detours or delays, then slay if they arent there. which is plausible, but not written anywhere, so it causes debate)
Theres also a problem with people not going to the location and saying "well I was the one who was going to open cell doors", even when they werent asked to.
Solution: *Rules specifying the basics of warday, "all prisoners are kos while guards are in warday area, and after expansion yada yada..."
*Guards must be in warday location no detours or delays*
*If the warden says it is warday, all guards must go to the location no detours or delays. The warden is responsible with opening cell
doors unless he gives this power to someone else.If any guards wait behind they are slayable*

Hide and seek day: not much confusion here, but theres no rule stating the amount of time the guards must wait before seeking.
Solution: *Guards must count for at least ten seconds before seeking prisoners. They must count in a location given by the warden, which cannot include
the entire map. Once the ten seconds is up, all prisoners are kos.

Reverse hide and seek day: would be totally different, but its simple: *No prisoners are kos*, when you think about it, thats all there is to it.

Shoot or dont shoot: Really no problems with this, except for the favoritism problem that a few people have with it. I really dont have anything for ya.
You should still have the rules for this in the section though.
Snitch: No problems here, normal snitch rules will do, although some people need to be reminded that if by 3 rounds, theyre both not dead, they get shot.

Jokeday/american idol day/ whatever day involves guards voting: Guards are not required to vote and this causes problems, such as, when is the warden supposed
to shoot the prisoner if hes not sure whether the rest of the guards are about to vote or not.
*All guards are required to vote in these gamedays, if they do not vote after being asked by the
warden specifically, they should be slayed, and the rest of the votes are counted*
Theres also another problem with ties, and the solution is *The warden is the tiebreaker in guard votes*
(Some people actually dont know this but ive only once seen it cause a problem).

Of course theres more gamedays, and if you add this section they should be listed, but these are the only ones that ive seen cause confusion.


Theres only three problems with the rules that ive seen that dont involve game days below.

*Warden forcing all prisoners into a single side of Russian Roulette* (confirmed by admins):Just what it says. I played a round today where this was an issue. It can easily be abused
as there is no rules stating that the warden cannot bring the prisoners there at the start
of the round. (I was told by an admin that rule W8.D doesnt apply here as it isnt guaranteed
death and theres a 50/50 chance.) This type of thing of course doesnt apply to something like 4 squares, because the prisoners at least have an ability to get out of the
kos water based on their own skill.
----Possible solution: Make a rule that only allows the warden to either send all of the prisoners
into either side of russian roulette (the prisoners choice which side) or they can force them to be on a
specific side with equal amounts on each side. (as uneven amounts are slightly unfair for the
prisoner team). (What I mean is to add these both into the motd, not one or the other.)

LR Confusion:If theres multiple guards alive how does one guard have the responsibility to force lr? What are the rules on this? What if guards disagree.

----Possible Solution: Some type of words that the guard who wants to force lr has to type in chat, like !Forcelr, first one to do so gets the ability. I DONT think an official command
that actually does something to the game, like !warns, is necessary for this, it should just be the first person to type it correctly.

As Prisoner, saying an incorrect code for the armory is kosable (Confirmed by Jake himself this one time):This one I dont even think is right, since the motd clearly says that giving out "the" code is kos, not "a" code.

Once again, im just posting this to help make the motd better, not to bitch.
If you have any problems with anything I said or have any solutions for things of your own feel free to comment them below.
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Posted: 07-23-2016 00:11
e. Publicly revealing the code (regardless of if it is right or wrong).

MOTD was last updated June 23. So that rule has always been there.
[E$kimo] Dildodickgollum
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Posted: 07-23-2016 00:13
oh dang didnt see that the first time, disregard it
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Posted: 07-23-2016 00:17
You're basically wanting some things changed that is overall common sense and can be specified with a warden's orders.

I see no point in reverse hide n seek because it's just guards camping areas and when prisoners find them nothing is done after that, some people think they can kill prisoners on reverse which is not true so they get slayed.

Nothing needs to be changed, some people just can't understand the rules, reason being for conflicts.

Also on the warday thing, for guards not to be in warday area was NEVER allowed.

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Posted: 07-23-2016 00:48
While it is a good idea to specify how these days go, I'm not sure if it would be read by everyone but I guess it wouldn't hurt to specify rules on these days a little more.

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