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Sleek GamersJailbreak - Suggestions
[E$kimo] Dildodickgollum
Joined: Jul 26, 2015
Posted: 07-27-2016 06:58
I think Jake should add a deathmatch for dead players like it says in the Planned Additions post. (I think Jake forgot about this). Of course it might conflict (or not, not sure how its programmed), with the existing deathmatch for live players. Well I think it should replace it, since the new deathmatch is glitchy more often than not, it quite often screws up a prisoners LR, and I get really bored when im dead.
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 07-28-2016 04:00
I can go attempt it.
Joined: Oct 13, 2015
Posted: 07-28-2016 14:31
That would be sick. I dont know where it would be. Maybe in evac since we cant have two maps?
[E$kimo] Dildodickgollum
Joined: Jul 26, 2015
Posted: 07-28-2016 18:42
Not assigned, dead player deathmatch usually works by ghosting the dead players, and having them walk in the same place that the live prisoners do, and making them unable to press buttons/ affect the round at all

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