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Skittles Staff Application
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:21
Steam Name: SkittleBarf
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:120799439
Real Name: Hunter Babcock
Age: 16
Grade: Junior in Highschool
Time on the Server: 18days 22hours 10minutes 38seconds
How long have I been with the server: My first time joining the server was July, 19, 2015

About Myself: As stated before: Im Hunter; Im 16; Im a Junior in highschool and I've played on the server an ass ton. I am currently in an Advanced Radio and TV course in school, so I make videos and things of the sort, and Im also in a Game Designing class (the most they've let us do is make a really crappy version of Minecraft). I wrestle varsity and play football for my school. I have a 3.8 GPA and I work for my schools theater and Little Caesars.

A Few Random Things About Myself:
- My favorite color is purple
- Im 6'3
- I have no clue where "SkittleBarf" came from
- I have a curly jew fro

Past the Experience with ULX and staffing: I have been staff on two servers, the Sleek Gamers Jailbreak and my own server that I mess around on so I can learn more about coding. I've been staffing for about a year (off and on) and I am quite familiar with ULX commands and how they should be implemented to certain situations.

Reasons I Should Be Staff: Just about everyone on the server knows me, either as a complete asshole or a really chill dude. If I see something that breaks a rule I will drop what I am doing to tend to the scenario and be as helpful as humanly possibly over the internet. Before I went hardcore inactive due to some really weird happenings, I was pushing out anywhere between 10-30 hours per week since I have absolutely no life. Since the affairs are over and dealt with I will be able to start doing the same. I also read the MOTD just about every time I get on the server

Traits I Contain That Would Allow Me To Be A Good Staff:
Leadership: I'm a counselor at my Churches "Vacation Bible School" event every year.
Initiative: I dont really have anything for this, I just know if I want something done its going to get done
The Ability to Communicate Well: When Im talking to people I make sure my point has been written across their face.
Ability to Deal with Conflict: If Jim and Bob are arguing and Im the third-party, I listen to both sides of the story and try to piece everything together.
Grammar: Do I really even need to say?

Time Available To Play: I normally wake up anywhere between 8:00 A.M and 2:00 P.M. I can be on from the time I wake up and use the bathroom until around 11:00P.M - 1:00 A.M the following day, with short breaks in between.

Time Zone: Central

Thank you for reading this app and hopefully I get re-accepted.
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:30
You literally just came back last night.

You've given waaay too many excuses to not get on resulting in your last demotion.

"My mom threw my PC in a lake"
"My PC is at my friends house"
"My sister has been using my laptop for 2 months"

It seems you want it more as a status and not actually be active.

You should be smart enough to know to get some more playtime before you apply after coming back from long inactivity.

Jesse-Pinkablo Dos™
Joined: Jun 26, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:35
Are you kidding? You have to be kidding right? You just came back last night, as deli just said?

You are just going to go inactive once more.. Seems as if you just want a status to people to remember you.

Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:37
Haha, I get that I cam back last night but I was also just demoted last night. And yes Deli, I know I had many excuses, but the PC in the lake was way before this. I had come back before this time
Jesse-Pinkablo Dos™
Joined: Jun 26, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:48
You were demoted last night because of your extensive inactivty, being inactive for at least 5 months.
Joined: Jun 24, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:52

Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:55
5 months my ass. It may have been 2, but thats it. And Deli, I didnt say which computer. I have one at both parents houses, she used the one at my dads where as I've been living with my mom.
Jesse-Pinkablo Dos™
Joined: Jun 26, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 19:58
2? I doubt that, but let us be mature and not argue.
Delicious Trash
Joined: Dec 07, 2015
Posted: 07-31-2016 23:56
Okay let's be honest..

You just came back from 2-3 months of pure inactivity.
You were just demoted yesterday.
Why the hell are you already applying for staff? You should at least wait a bit before re-applying..

Anyways, from what I have seen, you were arguing with Jesse in game concerning your app. Hmm because you should totally do that lmao

Even tho you weren't able to get on, you could've at least been active on the forums :/ but no you chose not to be.

Also, when you were promoted to senior at one point you mostly fucked around and got cocky. After seeing your prior staff experience I think I'll just stay with my decision.

Dr. Kane Propane
Joined: Feb 19, 2016
Posted: 08-01-2016 04:07
You were a damn good staff member when you were active.
That being said, you are gonna need to show that same dedication if you want to be welcomed back into our ranks.
This isn't a no, this is a not yet. I can't speak for everyone, but you still have my support and my utmost respect.
Joined: Jun 25, 2016
Posted: 08-01-2016 06:19
I don't know you at all, probably because you were inactive.
Wait a little longer than a day
Just like Beagle (muFFlyx) said you only want to show your dedication to the server on the day you get demoted
Its like getting fired from a job and coming back the next day to re-apply, that would just seem pretty dumb
Ill +1 when your more active, lots of time tho
Joined: Dec 23, 2015
Posted: 08-01-2016 07:07
I knew you and respected you back then, but when I saw that you got demoted and applied a day later, you lost some respect from me. I thought you knew a lot of things about sleek especially about applying and how much you need to be active.

Thats a shame. :c

Joined: Jun 07, 2015
Posted: 08-01-2016 22:44
Spend at least like another week back on the server like I'm all about having you staff yes but like they said, you gotta become active again.

I no -1 u tho

Neutral until further notice

Post Scriptum:
Joined: Jun 07, 2015
Posted: 08-04-2016 20:46
armpit accept him no balls
also i +1 u bb

I demand my skittles come back or I shall pursue ur butthole daily
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 08-05-2016 14:19
Has been added back.

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