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Suggestions for the JB
Joseph S. Habib
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 08-29-2016 16:46
1.) Remove the TDM:

I dislike it because people screw around with it and shoot players who are alive and it's really distracting and immersion breaking. People use it to troll a lot, an example would be people blocking doors so they can't open. Really hard to find out who is doing it. I also hate it when I accidentally activate it and I have to kill myself.

2.) Add More PS Items:

A lot of people suggested to add more PS Items. I don't mean add 500 autistic models that would give someone with epilepsy a seizure just by looking at it. Maybe add a feature where you can buy 1 round of having concealment or picking up an extra round. Adding 1 round perks would make the game pretty fun. Like the ability to run slightly faster or be slightly more accurate. You could possibly add attachments that stay for 1 round too.

3.) Create some Custom FA:S for the server for VIP's or to buy in PS. VIP's could have a 20 percent chance or so to spawn with a pistol that is disguised as a crowbar. For those of you who don't know, this is very easy to do. All it requires is copying a gun file, renaming it to anything. Then copying world view model of the crowbar then replacing one of the guns view models.

4.) Make guns recoil, accuracy, penetration, and accuracy realistic but balanced. I feel that fighting on the server would be much cooler and better if the guns were more realistic. As it stands now, there is no point to pick some guns because a lot of others are better for no reason. When you think about it, automatics would be much more balanced if they were realistic. More people might put more thought into what gun they grab because of how each one can be used to their advantage in a fight.

5.) Add the Remington Shotgun:

There really is no reason to not have it there. It is a good shotgun when used properly. Not really much to say about it.


Make all guns reload speeds slower. Sure, someone who has used a certain gun for a while can reload fast but it does not make combat realistic or fair when you can spray your gun and then reload it within a couple seconds. This is actually a problem for shotguns. Firing the M3 Super 90 rapidly is a good tactic because when reloading, the shells are put in extra fast. Each one of those shells can kill a player. Slowering the reload rate could improve how the gun is used. This would also make it so when one prisoner runs 20 guards don't fire all at once because then it opens a few seconds of escape time for the prisoners.

7.) Add in a game statistic menu so we can view stats like how many kills we have, how many wins as prisoner/guard, and how many LR's earned we have. Each thing can also add up to a certain amount of points and we can see the top 25 or something on a leader board.

8.) Add Warden Ban:

- Warden Ban: Bans someone from being warden. Sometimes, people should not be warden but a guard ban is just too much of a punishment for the person. Especially when the guard team needs guards.

9.) Add a message so when someone with LR picks up a gun or rebels it notifies everyone in chat. Example: "The person with LR is now a rebel, he is now KOS". A lot of people complain how a lot of the LR's include the guards to stand still and then they rebel and quickly mow them down. I think it might be more fun for both sides to have a chance at winning a fight. I usually pick up a gun and say "I am now a rebel, please start running for the pile of guns".

10.) Add some sort of ability for guards to click a button when looking at someone to place a KOS on them. Whenever a guard looks at the person it would say "KOS Placed" or something like that. If someone rebels in a stack and then the people seperate it would be easier for the guards to identify who to shoot. This can also help the warden point out who is a rebel and who is not when someone disobeys an order. I generally think it is annoying to type out someone is KOS because a lot of people die while typing and the guards don't even notice the KOS placed when someone ignored an order and the person might get LR but no one knows the person is a rebel.

11.) Prisoners punching is really slow, they should be able to punch faster. That way, if someone skilled wants to rebel, they don't require a gun to do so and have a chance to survive.

12.) The more guards one prisoner kills it gives them PS points or a higher chance to get concealment and a weapon next game.

13.) Guard ranking system so bad guards get moved to prisoners when an elite guard finishes the quiz. The more time someone spends as guard, the higher the rank. With each rank he has to answer a quiz on the MOTD to move on to a higher rank when enough time is played. I think this would encourage more guards to read the rules and actually follow them. If the guard is proven to be guilty of breaking guard rules, he gets a strike. 3 strikes takes the person down the rank (depending on the rank). A rank 2-3 should have 2 strikes to get demoted. Ranks 4-9 require 3 strikes. A rank 10 requires 4 strikes.

You could possibly make it so each time they kill a rebel it helps them level faster. The higher the rank, the more attatchments, the more weapons available at the C menu. I really like this idea. There could be a prisoner ranking one too so there is an increased chance to get certain perks like concealment.

I hope you guys liked this post. I really think some of these ideas and concepts should be used because the JB is getting boring. TDM doesn't have much to offer either. I think that's why there are less people than usual.
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 08-29-2016 17:04
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 08-29-2016 17:09
1. I completely agree, SpecDM is way too trolly and makes everyone upset. I think if we even use it we need all the bugs fixed before putting it on the server.
2. I also agree with this. As a person who plays on the server a lot I have just about everything from the point shop which is boring.
3. Eh, I think the crowbar should be in the PS and VIP's get knives and the M14
4. This would actually be really fun. Making everything more balanced would lessen the chance you kill me with your fucking ISIS weapon
5. No
6. This is a good idea. Even if its just by a second it'd make sense. Not everyone should be a pro at reloading cause you know, this server loves little kids or some shit
7. So you want an updated Tab menu?
8. People would easily abuse this unless youre talking about just giving it to staff
9. This. Do this
10. Part of the game is being able to hide if you get in trouble. So unless you make it where the KOS sign goes away after X seconds then I wouldnt do it
11. Please, people in prison obviously punch faster than this
12. Okay this is my favorite idea. It makes it so much easier than asking people to switch teams so we can have a good warden. JAKE FUCKING DO THIS
Joined: Oct 13, 2015
Posted: 08-29-2016 18:44
These here remind me of the good old days of CasualBananas JB

Some of these are really good.
Joined: Jun 24, 2015
Posted: 08-29-2016 20:26
1. It's fun enough for the DMers, but given that there is no effective way to actually stop people from doorblocking, I have to partially agree on this one.

2. Having more reasons to play longer (to accumulate points to either reach that newest and best playermodel, or to get that upgrade) is in no way a bad thing. I agree.

3. Crowbar-pistol would be broken and retarded, but some other custom weapons might be nice.

4. The guns are constantly being rebalanced. The shotgun and a few other guns have gone through several nerfs over the past weeks.

5. We have a shotgun that excels at CQB. We have a sniper rifle that excels at long range. Combining them would negate the point of your 4th suggestion.

6. I kind of agree here. Pretty much the only surefire way to escape against decent guards is to get lucky and spawn in a cell that has an advantageous position. That extra half-second or so to reload animations could allow for more exciting rounds, ironically.

7. ehhhhhhhh, kill/win stats would for sure result in more FKs and abusive wardens. Idk about this one.

8. Pls add dis

9. Dis too

10. No, would make it too easy for guards to determine who the rebels are (if the warden dies for example).

11. If fists' effectiveness was boosted, it would enable prisoners to punch a guard to death without a team effort, solo. I don't agree with this one.

12. I think bringing back the points for kills would be great if it were just for prisoners. I agree with this one.

13. I don't know how complicated this would be to do, but if it was possible, it would be a great idea.

The Boston Bastard
Joined: Jul 13, 2016
Posted: 08-30-2016 01:51
4, 5, 6, 7, this isnt COD

14.) Fucking auto-strike staff who don't get their hours. (Unless they have an excuse)
Joined: Jun 24, 2015
Posted: 08-30-2016 02:12
But then, Bip, we wouldn't have any staff.

Very few people actually accumulate a weekly 10 now that school has started. I don't even think I have.
Dr. Kane Propane
Joined: Feb 19, 2016
Posted: 08-30-2016 02:35
Fine the way it is in my opinion. We already have a pretty unique server in comparison to most. If we try to add more RP immersion to it, then it will become more like PrisonRP and not Jailbreak. I am willing to go with adding minor perks for VIP, a wider variety of weapons and skins. But outside of that, the more we try to change the server, the more people will be confused and Jake will need to make more modifications on the rules.
The Boston Bastard
Joined: Jul 13, 2016
Posted: 08-30-2016 03:32
Joined: Jun 25, 2016
Posted: 08-31-2016 01:16
I agree with Kane on many terms about all these changes then again all of these will still be taken into consideration by Armpit and Jake. Though they are still working on Spec DM bugs and it would be a total waste of time to throw it out.
Great ideas Habib! Keep them coming
The Boston Bastard
Joined: Jul 13, 2016
Posted: 08-31-2016 01:19
Ban Andy? Bandy?
Bip and Andy? Bandy?
Butthurt Andy? Bandy?
Using "but" as an excuse, Andy? Bandy?
Boring Andy? Bandy?
Boqueefeus Andy? Bandy?
Joined: Jul 11, 2016
Posted: 09-11-2016 13:12
i like the 8 and 13 :D

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