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Posted: 09-03-2016 02:09
If you already knew about all of these bugs

Bug #1
You can shoot the Armory Door Button in Spec Death match, and if you have an automatic weapon and if you constantly shoot the button it will stay open until obviously you run out of bullets.

Bug #2

When you're reloading the SKS in Spec D.M. the reloading effect can change it and set it to 0, no matter how many bullets are in the clip.

Bug #3
Most of the spawns in Spec D.M. are in the worst locations, like through the floor, stuck in kos areas (Vents, Heli, Ladders in the guard towers) and unless if you Crouch Jump or just Crouch and Move everywhere you spawn.

Bug #4
I forgot to include this in the video, but if you repeatedly shoot your shotgun in Spec D.M. while trying to reload it will skip the "Reloading Animation" and you just restock on ammo for every shot you take until you are completely out of ammo. I call it a "Spamming Spaztastic Shotgun"

This isn't a bug, rather a suggestion
Add name name tags above players in Spec D.M. to catch door blockers from constantly blocking the doors. If there is another way to stop them that is as easy as seeing there name above their heads then please let me know.

Bug #1: 0:05
Bug #2: 0:05 and 1:05
Bug #3: 0:55, 2:20, 2:40, 2:49, 3:05 I actually couldn't move unless if I crouched jumped and wasd at the same time. New comers or people who haven't had these types of spawns like people who don't go into Spec D.M. as often makes this a problem.

#2 Didn't know about the sks
#3 You could do that but you will be surprised how many people don't know that. Especially new comers.
#4 Let me rephrase that. *Ahem* When you are constantly shooting the shotgun, and pressing "r" to reload while shooting, it will automatically fill your clip instantaneously as if you were given ammo into your clip while shooting with no delay what so ever.
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Posted: 09-03-2016 02:09
I accidentally put this for TTT instead of JB
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
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Posted: 09-03-2016 02:17
Thats how the sks works
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Posted: 09-03-2016 02:22
1. ok
2. Yeah that's how the gun works
3. "kill" in console --> respawn
4. This is also how the gun works, shotgun shells go in one at a time
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Posted: 09-03-2016 03:59
You're stating the complete obvious.

Ever hear of patience? Things are still being added and changed and you're just reporting some of the bugs that have already been reported, it's not like Jake doesn't know.
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Posted: 09-03-2016 12:55
Andy has gone full on retard
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Posted: 09-03-2016 23:15
Bug#5 there was a ladybug on the pmc rope at work to day and it crawled on my finger plz fix

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