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Posted: 09-08-2016 00:59
Abuser Name: Dr. Kane Propane
Abuser SteamID: STEAM_0:1:100608835

Your Name: Delirious
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80052440

What Happened: So there were 3 prisoners alive, 2 actively following the warden's orders, and 1 rebelling. I was the one rebelling while the other two prisoners were actively following the warden's orders. I had been camping a guard tower for no longer than like 20 seconds or more. Kane then presumes to slay me for camping/delaying the round. What I was doing in no way affected the round while the other two players were competing for lr. If one were to die then at that moment it would of been delaying. He did verbal warn me but my camping did not affect the round at that moment. I told him to, "go to hell" jokingly as I always do. I just really want to know Kane's reasoning.

Kane I want you to thoroughly explain to me why you thought me doing such thing was "delaying" the round when in fact what I was doing at the time had not affected the warden or the players at all?

I also asked why you slayed me and you just kept repeating the same thing "you were delaying" like that really helps.

This may not be good enough proof but it shows kane slaying me while the two prisoners were alive and competing.

If anyone needs me to explain more thoroughly, ask.
The Boston Bastard
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Posted: 09-08-2016 01:06
+1, Deli does have a point
C13. Camping IS allowed as long as the following are kept in mind:
a. Camping to delay the round is not allowed.
He cant be delaying if the warden is still giving orders to non-rebelling prisoners, but if he was the last prisoner alive it would make sense

Message to Kane:
Nib the Smol Raptor Princess
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Posted: 09-08-2016 01:47
Kane has 3 strikes anyways + What Bip said.

Dr. Kane Propane
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Posted: 09-08-2016 02:58
+1 I fucked up and I apologize.
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Posted: 09-08-2016 03:40
"Fucked up"

-was this before or after you refused to even listen to what I was telling you?
Joseph S. Habib
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Posted: 09-08-2016 15:42
+1. Please read what I have to say because it is more complex.

I have been getting tons of complaints from different people about stupid little things that you keep doing and they end up being true. That is one of the reasons. The second is because you did not even bother to defend yourself in a situation where you don't know all the facts so so you instantly admit to abuse.

[23:24:51] {Round #53 07:19} Dr. Kane Propane(STEAM_0:1:100608835) was killed by AESTHETIC(STEAM_0:0:121651388).

[23:25:01] Dr. Kane Propane to admins: im lagging something awful.

[23:25:03] {Round #53 07:07} Delirious picked up a m24

[23:25:16] Dr. Kane Propane to admins: i was halfway into the deag cell and next thing i know im on top the cells.

[23:25:33] Dr. Kane Propane: // deli dont camp

[23:25:39] Delirious: go to hell

[23:25:50] Dr. Kane Propane slayed Delirious (camping to delay round)

What I suggest is that Delirious went in a guard tower and picked up a gun while you were typing about lag. You told Delirious not to camp about 30 seconds after he picked up the gun which suggests he probably did not switch guard towers. Leaving for a few seconds and coming back and staying in the area is still camping the area. You finally slayed Delirious about 20 seconds after you told him not to camp which suggests he was in there for more than 10 seconds at least. There is no way he switched towers and moved to a new area if you called him out for camping 30 seconds after he picked up the gun because that would mean you were watching over him for at least a certain time in which you did not see him in the process of moving towers.

In all, Delirious was most likely camping but you applied none of your skill to prove yourself innocent. This does not help lower the population of trolls when you refuse to put effort into trying to defend yourself to get rid of people who lie. You are letting yourself get demoted and further the population of trolls because you were too lazy to put any effort which ends up being a big downside of you which permits demotion. Delirious is not in the wrong.
Joseph S. Habib
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Posted: 09-08-2016 15:45
Something important I have to say when I get home from college about this case. Don't close It yet
Joseph S. Habib
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Posted: 09-08-2016 16:07
+1. Kane, unfortunately you have 3 strikes which means Jake is probably looking for one more good reason to demote you. I can provide the last reason for your demotion.

You are failing to do the minimum to get rid of trolls that false report. You don't bother checking logs to confirm statements and you pretty much admit to being wrong immediately without a fight which lessons the strength of staff (and makes them look worse).

If you bothered to check, you would see Delirious was most likely camping. The logs show important things that can easily prove you innocent within a minute. Instead you let yourself fall and let people get away with things because of minimum effort. That is why I +1'd.

This was based on information in which Jake said camping for 30 seconds or more is slayable. It's not camping if there are targets in the building. Or you are healing up.
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Posted: 09-08-2016 20:10
So drama much wow.
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Posted: 09-08-2016 20:26
+1 I remember this, I was telling the 2 to go to the warden waypoint (red since it was closest) and I saw deli got slayed for delaying and I was like, umm there are 3 other prisoners he is not delaying the round. Long story short I think someone replaced Andy.

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