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New Hud Design
Jelly Cat!
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 10-09-2016 04:53

Some people are getting bored of the same old thing, I think a new HUD would be a great change now that we have a good idea of what the rules should be.
I personally think the HUD shouldn't be too complicated. Nice and simple, because half of the few features we have most people don't use anyways.
Having a lot of features on one screen can sometimes cause a significant frame drop.
I have a few concepts of what HUDS and UI's to base our ideas off of.

HUD Change - Sweet and Simple, an "Alive Players" for each team counter would be placed in the top right, while the active warden and time left bar will be placed in the top left.

HUD Change - This one is weird, but in a good way. I know the bar on the left is for the health, but I don't know what the bar on the left would be. Things will be the same as #1

Menu Change - Keep everything the same and focus more on the menu and motd look. Minor changes will be made to the current setup, only make it more sleek(if that makes sense).

Leave your choice in this topic and we'll do a head count, Only votes.
Joined: Jun 25, 2016
Posted: 10-09-2016 05:07
Most of these seem a little too real for a Jailbreak server. But the second picture is nice and wouldn't be a bad idea to try out, then again it might be a little too realistic or laggy for some players
Jelly Cat!
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 10-09-2016 09:16
Don't worry, they're made to be as simple as possible so they don't make the player lag.
I don't know what you mean by realistic, care to explain?
Joined: Jun 24, 2015
Posted: 10-09-2016 15:20
I like the 1st HUD change better. If the style between each separate section of it was consistent, it would really look good and stand out.
Joined: Jun 25, 2016
Posted: 10-09-2016 17:54
I mean it might be too different to the sever because most Jb servers have that modern HUD and if we added that now it would seem like we're behind. But since the server got reset to its original state a year ago then yes these would be a good fit for the server.
Joined: Jun 09, 2015
Posted: 10-09-2016 18:11
The first one would be best it's simple and isn't too different from what we have now
Nib the Smol Raptor Princess
Joined: Jul 09, 2016
Posted: 10-09-2016 21:12
The first one is clean and simple while the second is a bit confusing and takes up a big portion of the lower screen, so I'll go with #1
Joined: Jun 07, 2015
Posted: 10-09-2016 22:05
Fake and gay
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 10-10-2016 01:00
The first one would be nice seeing as its less likely to confuse players. Simplicity is key. You dont wanna mind fuck the twelve year olds who play on the server.
Your Left Armpit Hair Is Long
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 10-10-2016 01:11
how about remove all indications of a hud. Thats simple enough
Joined: Nov 04, 2015
Posted: 10-10-2016 01:15
Found a use for your green bar: limited sprint
Dr. Kane Propane
Joined: Feb 19, 2016
Posted: 10-10-2016 03:39
Agree with the consensus that a basic HUD would be an interesting feature. Keep the uniqueness AND the simplicity of the server,
Joined: Oct 13, 2015
Posted: 10-11-2016 22:51

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