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Information About the Sleek Depression
Joseph S. Habib
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 11-28-2016 15:28
The sleek community is not dead. It is thriving well in Jake's sandbox server where little kids donate for staff. If you want the jailbreak server to get populated, go do it yourself. You might get a staff rank out of this if you aren't already one. Jake will not be shutting down the community. We shall outlive Sideways Gaming.
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 11-28-2016 16:14
No one is staff though? Lol
[E$kimo] Dildodickgollum
Joined: Jul 26, 2015
Posted: 11-28-2016 19:17
What's sideways gaming?
Also, really all I think we need is a bunch of people to get on at one time, by inviting classic sleek people, then others will join and it'll be lit again\
Like really whats stopping anyone from just inviting hella people and having a party on jb, then more people will join and realize how dank it is, and voila we have the server back
The Boston Bastard
Joined: Jul 13, 2016
Posted: 11-29-2016 04:39
Jailbreak will never be revived. The reason nobody plays is because there is such a small community of people that will actually listen and read the rules, unlike other game where you can dick around and do what you want.
Dr. Kane Propane
Joined: Feb 19, 2016
Posted: 11-30-2016 18:37
There are a lot of ideas out there. It falls on the shoulders of the owners now. All the former staff are powerless since Jake shut us out. This is a community I am proud to be a part of, so I would love to see it reinvigorated.
Joined: Jun 04, 2015
Posted: 11-30-2016 20:36

Last I checked, Jake doesn't like to share.

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