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Joseph S. Habib
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Posted: 03-30-2017 02:35
sErV3r rUlEz

1.) You can be racist/disrespectful.
2.) You may not kill a player for stealing your items. The only exception is if someone raids you in that life or if someone takes your boombox.
3.) You may not player warn, except for hobos and Vapers. If they are bothering you ask a staff member.
4.) Use common sense. We do not need to list everything, such as no advertising/spamming.
5.) Do not break NLR which is 2 minutes.
6.) Killing a player that looks at you with a weapon out is allowed.
7.) Do not use chain adverts, at most you can have ONE action on ONE bind. (Ex: raid/raid over, pd raid/raid, These are not allowed!)
8.) You may not scam anyone for in game money or real life money. (this includes adverts such as raid me for 10 mil.)

Raid Rules:
1-RR.) Do not edit, physgun, push keyboard keys to open doors, or build during a raid.
2-RR.) Raids may only last up to 15 minutes.
3-RR.) Do not raid the same base within 10 minutes in time.
4-RR.) Do not change your job during a raid.
5-RR.) Do not use keyboard keys to open doors when being raided, Use the keypads!
6-RR.) After raiding one base you may not raid another for 5 minutes.
7-RR.) If you die while being raided, you may return to the raid after 5 minutes.
8-RR.) You may not raid bases or harass those with building signs (but they can't have raidables).
9-RR.) You must be halfway in the street at the building to call raid/raid assist.
10-RR.)You may not raid/mug while building

Prop Rules:

1-PR.) Do not prop spam.
2-PR.) Do not prop block. (Purposely block players or Block rooms without a keypad)
3-PR.) No one way fading doors or props in which you can see someone who can't see you.
4-PR.) You cannot place props in other players bases.

Base rules:

1-BR.) Fading doors must stay open for at least 8 seconds!
2-BR.) All fading doors must have fully visible keypads that are next to the fading door it controls.
3-BR.) KOS lines are allowed and can only extend to the sidewalk outside your base.
4-BR.) Fake or useless keypads are not allowed.
5-BR.) You can block off extra entrances as long as there is one entrance to get in.
6-BR.) You may not block off alleys, roads, or tunnels in any way.
7-BR.) You can build to the roof of your building if you own the entire building.
8-BR.) You cannot seal off public areas and claim them as yours. Even if you party has all the buildings owned.
9-BR.) If building something in the air you MUST make supports for it. Things don't just float.
10-BR.) No crouch entrances or crouch tunnels.(Making players enter your base by crouching.)
11-BR.) You can have a maximum of 4 fading doors for the entrance in your base.
12-BR.) Prop maze's are not allowed there must be a clear path.
13-BR.) You are not allowed to own printers and a building sign.
14-BR.) Your base must have a definitive front door.
15-BR.) You may not hide rooms or entrances with no collided props, this includes materialized props.
16-BR.) You can not hide in no collided props
17-BR.) Buttons may not be materialized and must be in plain sight. (THIS INCLUDES PROPS!). No troll size buttons, they must be a good size.
18-BR.) You may only have one Base.
19-BR.) You must be able to fit 2 people side by side in between each fading door (Front and back, left and right, basically all around).
20-BR.) You may not have black out bases. (A material used to make the whole base black so no one can see anything. This includes any color consisting with the color black.)
21-BR.) NO MEGA BASES! (EX: Bases taking up MULTIPLE properties).
22-BR.) No ledges or drops
23-BR.) KOS lines must be CLEARLY visible. Signs must be big enough to read at a distance.
24-BR.) KOS Signs can't be flashing texts/switching to different texts.
25-BR.) If someone crosses your line, you can only kill them if you saw it in person, not because of a wire text screen set-up or camera.

Mug Rules:
1-MR.) You must give someone a minimum of ten seconds to drop money when you advert mug.
2-MR.) You may kill the player if they attempt to run.
3-MR.) The maximum mug amount is $5000.
4-MR.) The cooldown for a mug is 10 minutes.
5-MR.) You cannot mug hobos.
6-MR.) Must be at least 10 seconds.
7-MR.) You cannot mug someone if they are moving, or can't clearly see you. They must be facing you and you must make it known by typing/talking in mic that "(their name), this is a mugging". Then you must give them a couple seconds before you are allowed to kill them (people need time to actually react).
8-MR.) You cannot tell someone they can't free look


Party Rules:

You can not avenge the death of a party member if you were not present! This includes looking at the kill feed/talking to them in other communication.
You can not abuse someone. (As in chain mugging the same person a repeated number of times.)

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