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DarkRP Staff Rules/Info/Punishments
Joseph S. Habib
Joined: Jun 03, 2015
Posted: 04-05-2017 01:34
Note- Do not warn someone multiple times for something they did in one situation, fit it all in one warn.

1.) Respect all players and be polite.
- It doesn't matter if they are a troll or minge, if you know they break rules then just punish them.

2.) Listen to your superiors.
- The highest ranking staff in the sit or in a situation has the final say.

3.) Know and understand the punishments you are supposed to give rulebreakers (it should be listed at the end of this post).

4.) You can only ban people forever if they exploit, hack, or try to crash the server.

5.) Only use staff powers if Staff on duty (even logs).

6.) Don't noclip unless it is actually needed (EX: Bringing someone to a sit/in a sit).
- People are tired of staff noclipping infront of them during raids and stuff like that.

7.) Kill yourself when getting off duty and only get off duty in spawn. (This really only applies if the respawn when changing job system isn't up_.

8.) Use common sense (EX: Read rules often so you actually know them, don't do stupid shit, ETC).

9.) Promote the server. Get people to donate/join the steam group.
- I suggest typing "say /advert Type @ (message) in the chat box to contact staff.

10.) Don't take peoples sits/ask staff before helping.

11.) Do not ask for Promotions. That is one of the quickest ways to get demoted.

12.) Don't spy on people/target people (as in constantly watching them).
- If they are known rule breakers, you can spectate them. Don't continuously do this to people who aren't PROVEN rule breakers (EX: Player has many warns/bans).

13.) Don't Physgun people without reason.

14.) Don't RP/base/have items or any RP things (like doors) as staff on duty.

15.) If your the only staff on then you must go on duty.

16.) Don't steal players dupes without permission.

17.) Unbanning people is only allowed when A.) You banned the person randomly/need to fix a ban. B.) You are a headadmin or above. C.) Permission is given.
- You can unban people by banning their SteamID for 1 minute. Unbanning people for NO reason will result in a demotion, only unban if there is sufficient evidence. If you make me have to check logs for proof that you are unbanning your friends or unbanning for no reason, the demotion will be to user or less. Not all demotions are full demotions.

18.) Do not accept donations from players for in-game items! This will Lead to a Permanent Ban on ALL Servers. (EX: Offering $50,000 in-game money for $10 real money).

19.) Do not participate in purge while on duty (purge might not be installed atm).

20.) Comment on staff applications/appeals/ETC. You must include a detailed reason for -1, neutral, or +1.
- You can have a comment as short as "-1. This player is inactive, doesn't follow rules, constantly trolling". Please try your best to actually make it detailed and maybe even make it look nice. Afterall, working hard = higher chance for promotions.

21.) Don't double punish/add more of a punishment for someone who completed it already and continued to troll (there are exceptions which will be explained).
- If someone was accidentally under-punished, you must correct the punishment if the punishment results in a ban.

22.) No undoing staff punishments (EX: Gag's/bans/etc) unless it was an incorrect punishment and permission is given.
- If you are superior to the person, you can edit the punishment without their permission. There must be an ACTUAL reason.

Player Punishments:
- RDM X 3 = 1 day ban. Every RDM past 3 = 1 day ban per kill past the third.
EX: RDM X 4 = 2 day ban, RDM X 5 = 3 day ban, RDM X 6= , 4 day ban.

- Minge X 1 or more = 180 minute ban. Minge = Breaking serious rules multiple times within a couple hours/not trying to RP.
EX: RDM X 1 and then 10 minutes later RDA, then RDM X 2 30 minutes later.
EX: Getting warned multiple times within a couple hours for things like RDM/RDA/FDA (fading door abuse)/NLR/ETC.
Don't ban people who really didn't do much. Please use your best judgement to decide.

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