We need server owners and operators. Contact Jake if you are interested.

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Joined: May 20, 2015
Posted: 05-09-2021 23:08
Welcome to Sleek Gamers everyone!
We're an old community with a fresh set of ideas.
Join us on discord!

Some History:
The Sleek Gamers community was founded on March 26, 2014 by Jake. We started as a DarkRP server and eventually moved to a Jailbreak server in July 2014. Since then we have grown and added a few more servers. Our website has been designed completely from scratch, along with some of our servers. The content is unique that has been developed with several hours of work in order to create a fun experience that you won't find elsewhere!

We are relaunching immediately with our signature server, Jailbreak! Join with the link at the bottom of the website.
IP Address is jb.sleekgamers.com or

Join our Sandbox server with the link at the bottom of the website.
IP Address is sb.sleekgamers.com or

We need your help to launch more servers! I am only one person and we need YOUR help to make this launch a success.

Contact me:
Via Call or Text: 417-392-0287
Via Discord: Jake#1674
Want to learn how to code for free? CONTACT ME. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE: HERE

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