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Posted: 08-19-2015 00:25
List of Rules for MOTD
(Go to bottom for clarification of T baiting)
1.Do not RDM, it will have various punishments (RDM Inno V Inoo 1 slay, Inno V Inno x2 = 3 slays, Inno V T = 2 Slays Inno V D = 2 slays Traitor V Traitor = 3 slays)

2. Detectives can force test, but the person must be visible to them in order to KOS them (do not force test someone you can't find/is far away

2. Disrespect/Racism/Sexism is allowed but you cannot spam it or be disrespectful towards admins/staff

3. You are permitted 1 Suspicion kill in overtime, this means that you can shoot someone who you think is a T

4. No killing afks until it is overtime

5. If your mic is bad we will gag you

6. Admins have the final say

7. If you have a squeaky voice you will be gagged

6. Donor mods are subject to the same restrictions as regular mods, meaning that they cannot abuse their powers

7. You cannot claim areas

8. T's may not camp, but innos can stay in an area for a maximum of one minute

9. Ghosting will result in a ban

10. RDM and leave results in a ban

11. Mic spam results in gags for various times

12. Mass RDM (3+ kills) is bannable

13. Lying to staff is warnable/banable

14. Putting random letters and numbers in reports results in double slays for that report or 1 additional slay

15. False reporting is warnable (unless you are T)

16 Cannot KOS off location, gun, or skin

17. No inappropriate sprays

18. No advertising/links to third party websites

19. T-baiting (random firing) is kosable

20 .Please report RDM in proper format so we can understand it

21. Please do not kill afks

22. Do not spawn kill even if you are the traitor, if they are loading in and they get killed it makes the game less fun

23. While you cannot kos based on location/gun/skin, if the person you have suspicion on meets 2 of those 3 requirements you can kos them. For example, say I had a minigun, I killed someone in the tower, another player saw the guy die but didn't see my name. Using my location and weapon they could kos me. Or if I was the last person the dead player saw, and I had the gun used to kill them, I can be kosed. If my weapon/skin/location match up with a killing, I can be killed. But killing based off location alone, or weapon alone, or skin alone, is not allowed.

24. using "/g" while dead is exploit and will result in a ban, no excuses, no autism.

T-Baiting is shooting for no reason, such as the air or at the ground. If they are doing this to break something like a window or a box, it is not T baiting. Please warn players 3 times before you shoot them.

Body blocking is when a player deliberately blocks you from an entrance, making sure you can't move in that direction. You can kill them but you must ask them first to move then declare you are killing them for body blocking

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