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Splendid • ムササビ
Joined: Nov 05, 2015
Posted: 11-05-2015 00:13
Hey! I love your Deathrun server. I feel as if there is only 1 admin who comes on regularly, who is Gradient. I feel the need to apply for staff since I have a tolerance for anything rude, though I may report it if it gets too bad. Autism is a horrible thing to joke about, and I know a few people who joke about it. I love to keep peace to a server, but I will leave the banning to anyone higher than me.
Jesse-Pinkablo Dos™
Joined: Jun 26, 2015
Posted: 11-05-2015 01:33
This app, is REALLY short.. I think you should view other peoples app and get something in mind of what you should do. For now, Neutral. I'll leave most of the stuff to the people who come on Deathrun (Lizz, Blondie, DarkKnight, and Gradient)
Joined: Jun 11, 2015
Posted: 11-05-2015 12:20
Because you know...... Autism
Joined: Oct 02, 2015
Posted: 11-05-2015 12:29
-1 ( Wtf this is so short..)
Joined: Jun 21, 2015
Posted: 11-05-2015 20:46

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